December: 10 things to do for $10 or less

December: 10 things to do for $10 or less

Basketball season is already underway, and catching a home game is just one of the many fun things to do on this month's calendar, which also includes a variety of exhibits and holiday events.

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New benefit helps with emergency back-up care for children, adults

Beginning Jan. 1, Emory faculty and staff, as well as Laney Graduate School students, will have access to temporary caregiving services when an unexpected breakdown in a routine childcare or adult/elder care arrangement occurs.

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World AIDS Day quilt display joined by parade, music and dancing

On Dec. 1, Emory hosts Quilt on the Quad, the nation's largest collegiate display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. This year's events also include a campus parade to raise awareness of the HIV epidemic.

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Students collaborate with artists to help nonprofits

How does a mural celebrate human resilience? When is a t-shirt a tool for change? Emory students took these questions from the classroom into the community, working with local artists to benefit Atlanta nonprofit groups.

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Researchers decode lupus using DNA clues

In lupus, the immune system goes haywire and produces antibodies that are directed against the body itself. A team of Emory scientists has been investigating some fundamental questions: where do the cells that produce the self-reactive antibodies come from? Are they all the same?

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Emory Law's Volunteer Clinic for Veterans builds on success

The clinic has handled 119 cases, which have resulted in $2.5 million in benefits awarded to its clients. So far, 79 Emory Law students and 51 lawyers have volunteered.

Emory Law School

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Emory faculty present at TedxPeachtree

Three Emory faculty members recently spoke at TEDxPeachtree, an event featuring industry and academic leaders sharing ideas to solve macro and micro challenges.

Emory Wheel

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The life of a Laney graduate student (or three)

Laney Graduate School students describe their experiences with service, mentoring, professional development and more.

Office of the Provost

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Find Emory facts and figures on newly launched website

Emory's Office of Planning and Budgeting -- which manages key institutional responsibilities that include academic programs, accreditation, assessment, institutional data, and operating budgets -- recently updated their website.

Office of Planning and Budget