Ebola: First Anniversary

It has been one year since Emory University Hospital was informed a patient with Ebola virus infection was to be transferred to its Serious Communicable Disease Unit.
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Ebola at Emory: An Extraordinary Year

It has been one year since Emory University Hospital prepared to accept the first patient to be treated for Ebola virus disease in the United States. Over the next three months, the hospital's Serious Communicable Disease Unit successfully treated four patients, and over the past year physicians, nurses and scientists have worked with the CDC and other institutions to share lessons of preparedness, prevention and treatment with colleagues throughout the United States and in West Africa and to conduct research aimed at developing more effective vaccines and therapies.

Ebola in the Eye: Ian Crozier's Story

Live Ebola virus can persist within the eyes for months after a patient recovers from acute Ebola viral disease (EVD). Doctors at Emory discovered this when Ebola patient Ian Crozier, who had been treated for months at Emory University Hospital, returned a few weeks later suffering from a severe eye infection.

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Emory and Ebola: A Timeline

July 26, 2019