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Three Emory nursing grads part of Emory's Ebola team

Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing alumni Crystal Johnson, RN, Laura Mitchell, RN, and Jason Slabaugh, RN, were among the medical team members treating Ebola patients at Emory University Hospital’s Serious Communicable Disease Unit.  Recently, TIME magazine honored all health care professionals fighting the Ebola outbreak as the 2014 'Person of the Year'.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak is now deemed the biggest outbreak in the history of the virus.  Doctors, nurses, scientists and caregivers globally began relief and aid efforts both locally and abroad to stop the spread of the virus. The medical team and staff at Emory University Hospital's Serious Communicable Disease Unit, including the three nursing school alumni, played an integral, history-making role in the fight to reduce the spread of the Ebola virus.

The Emory nursing team and physicians successfully treated and released four Ebola patients, and though care was a main priority, so was the safety of the health care team providing treatment.

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