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Cantor's Republican primary loss: Emory experts comment

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Megan Terraso McRainey

Experts at Emory University are ready to comment on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s unexpected defeat in the Republican primary for Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District.

"This loss strikes me as an absence of retail politicking. Because he had so little money, Brat had to relay on shoe-leather politics. It's the old-fashioned stuff that matters. Cantor's refusal to engage Brat in the campaign reinforced the view that he was out of touch," says Andra Gillespie, an expert in political mobilization.

"It's very unusual for an incumbent to lose during a primary. But incumbent losses are usually a combination of factors, not just one. Cantor underestimated the challenge he faced from a competitor, lost touch with the people of his district and is perceived as more focused on his national leadership role than representing his district," according to Alan Abramowitz, an expert in polling and national politics.

Political mobilization and national politics

Andra Gillespie, Associate professor of political science,

Polling, election forecasting and national politics

Alan Abramowitz, professor of political science,

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