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Georgia Senate race tightest in years

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Megan Terraso McRainey

Three Emory University political science experts are available to discuss the competitive Georgia Senate race between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue.

Alan Abramowitz is a popular expert on national politics, polling and elections. 

According to Abramowitz, “Republicans needs to hold on to this seat to regain control of the Senate. The Republican campaign will try and tie Michelle Nunn to President Obama, and Nunn will try and distance herself from Obama. Nunn can’t win with purely Democrat voters. She’s going to have to try and appeal to independents and soft Republicans.”

Merle Black is a renowned expert on national politics and the foremost authority on politics in the South.

Black says this senate race features “two novice politicians. Republicans are narrowly divided but most will, I think, unify around Perdue. Nunn looks very competitive. The battle will be over voters who call themselves “independents.” Republicans have won the white independents in recent Georgia elections, but Nunn may do very well among this group, especially white female independents."

Andra Gillespie is a seasoned political commentator who specializes in political mobilization and race.

According to Gillespie, “Now we get to see what kind of candidate Michelle Nunn will be and whether she’s ready for a full GOP assault. She’s tying to run a purely positive campaign. We need to know whether she can play hardball. This is going to be a street fight.”

Alan Abramowitz
Professor of Political Science

Merle Black
Professor of Politics and Government

Andra Gillespie
Associate Professor of Political Science

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