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Tune into these Emory podcasts this summer
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The academic year may be on a break, but summer is the perfect time to tap into new perspectives with podcasts from the Emory community, whether you want to learn about sports analytics, health tips or anything in between.

— Kay Hinton, Emory Photo/Video

The academic year may be on a break, but summer is the perfect time to learn something, discover a new passion or tap into a fresh perspective.

The downtime provides a perfect opportunity to tune into podcasts created and hosted by members of the Emory community, from physicians to professors and professionals. Read our roundup of 10 shows from across Emory that represent the breadth and depth of interests. Whether you want to learn more about sports analytics or health care tips, there is a show to suit the curiosity of every audience member.

1. “2O36: The Podcast”

Exploring what the year 2036 — Emory’s bicentennial — will look like and how we will get there, “2O36: The Podcast” brings together experts from across the university. Now in its third season, the show is led by Ken Carter, director of Emory’s Center for Public Scholarship and Engagement and Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology at Oxford College. On the podcast, Carter discusses how to create a better tomorrow with experts in arts, law, medicine and business.

2. “The Africanist Podcast”

Bamba Ndiaye, assistant professor of African studies at Oxford College, investigates the political, socio-economic and cultural issues in contemporary Africa and the African Diasporas on “The Africanist Podcast.” Through speaking with a variety of guests, including scholars, artists, activists, athletes, opinion leaders, business people and ordinary citizens, Ndiaye provides in-depth analysis on current events and cultivates conversation about the challenges facing Africans and people of African descent. “The Africanist Podcast” has become one of the most downloaded podcasts in the field of African studies.

3. “Behind the Microscope”

Hosts Bejan Saeedi, Joe Behnke, Carey Jansen and Michael Sayegh are on a mission to discover the how and why behind some of the most successful scientists on “Behind the Microscope.” The four physician-scientists focus on the process of research, speaking with experts in the field about topics including scientific philosophy, obstacles to entering the U.S. medical training system and finding your niche within the field.

4. “Business Scholarship Podcast”

At Emory Law, Andrew Jennings researches corporate governance, securities regulation and corporate crime and compliance. He also hosts “Business Scholarship Podcast,” where he is joined by experts for interdisciplinary conversations about new works in the broad world of business research. Recent topics include corporate activism, white collar myths and economic sanctions on Russia.

5. “Candler in Conversation”

Dive into the world of Emory’s Candler School of Theology with “Candler in Conversation,” created and produced by the school’s public theological education initiative, The Candler Foundry. This podcast brings different themes around faith, theology and vocation to the forefront as Candler staff, faculty, alumni and students share their stories. Three series — the first on ministry and entrepreneurship, the second on spiritual well-being and the third on womanist discourse — are available now. This fall, a series of episodes will launch focusing on chaplaincy.

6. “The DaVinci Hour”

Emory physician Max D. Cooper, a renowned researcher and professor in the Emory School of Medicine, interviews physicians, executives, medical innovators and entrepreneurs making an impact on health care in “The DaVinci Hour.” Notable guests have included entrepreneur Mark Cuban, spine surgeon and philanthropist Gary Michelson and co-founder of Proactiv and Rodan + Fields Kathy Fields.

7. “EPITalk: Behind the Paper”

“EPITalk: Behind the Paper” is led by Patrick Sullivan, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Epidemiology in the Rollins School of Public Health and editor-in-chief of the research journal Annals of Epidemiology. The show features a behind-the-scenes look with authors whose groundbreaking work appears in the journal. Recent thought-provoking conversations include inequities related to the COVID-19 pandemic, PrEP accessibility and the role of positive neighborhood characteristics in cardiovascular resilience among Black Americans.

8. “Fanalytics”

On “Fanalytics,” Mike Lewis, marketing professor at Goizueta Business School and faculty director for the Emory Marketing Analytics Center, delves into the world of sports analytics. Through interviews with front-office professionals, professors, business executives and sports reporters, the series pairs expertise and academic research with leaders in the field. From Caitlin Clark’s effect on the WNBA to the impact of college athletes being able to profit from their name, image and likeness, Lewis offers a fresh take on the hottest sports topics of the season.

9. “Foodie Pharmacology”

Renowned Emory ethnobotanist Cassandra Quave hosts “Foodie Pharmacology,” a science podcast for the food curious. Quave, an author, curator of the Emory Herbarium, Thomas J. Lawley Professor of Dermatology, assistant dean of research cores at Emory’s School of Medicine and researcher with Winship Cancer Center’s Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics program, speaks with industry experts about crops, sustainable farming, medicinal plants and the health impact of what we eat.

10. “Goizueta Effect”

Created and produced by Goizueta Business School, the “Goizueta Effect” podcast focuses on reimagining business for the better. Leading faculty discuss the latest trends, research and innovations in business. With a new topic and guest each episode, the conversations range from the U.S. health care system and the importance of bringing balance into our lives to the impact of microbusinesses. Each episode helps listeners stay ahead in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

11. “The Lounge at the CWE”

Listen in to the ideas, perspectives and thoughts of professional and student staff members of Emory’s Center for Women in “The Lounge at the CWE.” Living rooms have been transformative spaces in feminist history, and the lounge in the Identity Space that houses the Center for Women is no different, offering a space for friendship and conversation. Listeners are invited to join this space virtually through the podcast.

12. “The Whole Health Cure”

Join Sharon Bergquist, MD, Emory primary care physician and expert in lifestyle medicine, on “The Whole Health Cure” to dive into how everyday choices affect so many aspects of well-being. Bergquist is joined by professionals in the field, including researchers, physicians, nutritionists and wellness experts to discuss the science behind aligning physical, emotional and spiritual health to achieve the ultimate sense of well-being. Recent topics discussed on the show include reversing heart disease, managing menopause, and the connection between soil, gut health and overall health.

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