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Experts available to discuss reactions to Ferguson verdict

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Elaine Justice

Emory University experts are available this afternoon and tomorrow to comment on the community and political reaction to the Ferguson verdict.

Carol Anderson, associate professor of African American studies and historian of civil and human rights, can comment on the black community's response to Ferguson and the verdict.

"The governor, the media and the National Guard were all focused on the potential for African Americans to riot if Darren Wilson does not get indicted for putting six bullets into an unarmed child. The real rage, though, occurred in rigging the voting system to alienate 70 percent of the population," says Anderson.

Andra Gillespie, an expert in race in politics and associate professor of political science, is available to comment on the political implications of the Ferguson verdict, as well as President Obama's reaction.

"Six years after the election of Barack Obama, America is far from post-racial. Public opinion polling shows clear racial divides in terms of the importance Blacks and Whites place on the issue, and I suspect that those divides will manifest themselves in terms of overall satisfaction with the grand jury's decision," Gillespie says.

Nathan McCall, author and senior lecturer in African American studies, is available to comment on the history and politics of black resistance movements in America and Civil Rights history as they relate to Ferguson.

"African Americans on other cities still want to express solidarity with those in Ferguson. There are rallies planned all over the country," McCall says.

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