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Make use of these helpful resources around Emory
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Members of the Emory community have access to many resources to support their success in both work and academics, including free online access to popular news sites, a 3D printer and more.

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When students, faculty and staff at Emory think about the resources at their disposal, the first items that come to mind probably include research journals, databases or learning commons help.

But the Emory community has access to many more resources to support academic and professional success. We’ve curated a list to highlight useful tools across campus, making it easier to find great resources, ranging from free access to online news sites to 3D printing and beyond.

1. Production studios

Faculty, staff and students have access to a variety of production studios on campus to support video, photo and audio production, along with online video conferencing and streaming. 

In the Student Production Studio (SPS), individuals can utilize many types of equipment including professional headphones, 4K video cameras and microphones to produce high-end photo, video and audio media. 

For those interested in producing streaming videos, recording presentations or participating in a video conference, reserve the Streaming and Recording Studio (SRS), complete with production lighting, software, microphones and cameras.

For audio-focused projects including podcasts, voiceovers, vocal and musical instrument recording, the Music and Audio Recording Studio (MARCS) may be a good fit. Individuals can utilize quality microphones, software and mixers.

If the project requires space for a group, the Podcast Studio (PS) is a great place to get started. With space for four on-site guests and remote guest integration, the Podcast Studio allows groups to record podcasts with in-house equipment and editing software.

All located on the first level of the Woodruff Library, the studios require reservations no less than 24 hours in advance.

2. Software

Downloading software for projects can be expensive and difficult. Luckily, Emory’s Academic Technology Services makes it easy. All Emory individuals have access to many software platforms through campus computer labs or for download on personal devices, including Adobe, ArcGIS, MAXQDA, Python and Zoom. 

Check out the full software list to see available campus locations and get more information about how to access and use software on personal devices. Additional titles may be available through each individual school’s IT department.

Software is also available on computers and laptops at the Oxford Library including GarageBand, Audacity, Zoom and EndNote. All software options are available for use by faculty, staff and students.

3. Cutting-edge technology

Emory’s TechLab houses cutting-edge technology on the second floor of Cox Hall inside the Computing Center. Equipment includes a 3D printer — which also includes modeling tools available for use on personal devices — a laser cutter, Raspberry Pi kits and a CNC mill (which cuts most materials softer than aluminum). Other resources in the TechLab include a Cricut, a button-making machine and soldering equipment.

Those wishing to learn how to utilize the equipment can stop by during open hours or attend workshops which take place throughout the fall and spring semesters. Some tools require training before use.

A button-making machine is also available for checkout at the Oxford Library for faculty, staff and students.

4. Handheld tools

Both the TechLab and Emory’s ArtsLab have a vast array of handheld tools available for use. The TechLab offers manual saws, hammers, pliers, wrenches, socket sets, vises, clamps, screwdrivers and more. They also have a few power tools, like an impact driver and power drill. 

For textile work, supplies for sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, crochet and knitting are available in the ArtsLab.

5. Art supplies

Whether you want to channel your artistic energy or need supplies for a class project, the ArtsLab is the place to go. Head to the Computing Center on the second floor of Cox Hall to access canvases, paint brushes and pencils, paint, erasers, scissors, cardstock paper, glue sticks and jewelry-making devices.

There are free supplies to use on-site and a supply shop where additional materials are available for purchase.

6. OverDrive collection

Use your Emory login to access e-books and audiobooks on OverDrive for free through the Woodruff Library. Faculty, staff and students can use the program to check out and download popular titles including autobiographies, fiction and nonfiction works on computers, iPads, Kindles and other e-readers.

7. News subscriptions

Also included with your Emory NetID is free online access to some of the most popular newspapers. Register with the New York Times to access articles, videos, interactive features and more on their website and in the app. You can also access the Wall Street Journal online or on mobile by registering using your NetID.

8. Equipment checkout

The Robert W. Woodruff Library has many collections — one of which doesn’t include books. The equipment collections include many items available for checkout by members of the Emory community. There is a variety of equipment available including DSLR cameras and camcorders, laptops, microphones, audio recorders, GPS devices, adapters and chargers.

Equipment available for checkout is located at the Level 2 Library Service Desk. To see the full list of devices and access user manuals for every item, head to the Woodruff Library equipment collection website.

Equipment is also available for faculty, staff and students to checkout at the Oxford Library. Available items include DSLR cameras, camcorders, gimbals, a variety of microphones, adapters, chargers and iPads. To view the full list and access user manuals and checkout policies, head to the Oxford Library technology guide website.

9. Streaming films

Faculty, staff and students can use their NetID for free access to numerous streaming video collections featuring popular titles for both leisure and research. On Kanopy, individuals can access popular film titles like “Parasite,” “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” “Moonlight” and “Ex Machina,” in addition to many documentaries on a variety of topics. Head to the Emory Library films and videos website to discover other streaming platforms.

10. Game check-out

Host a game night using the game collection at Oxford College Library. Titles include popular party games like “Cards Against Humanity” and “Telestrations” along with strategy games like “Catan” and “Risk.” Games are available to faculty, staff and students for a loan period of seven days and can be checked out from the information desk.

Students on the Atlanta campus also have access to popular games through RecRe lockers, a free rental platform featuring all kinds of entertainment items including Nintendo Switch controllers, Monopoly, Scrabble and PS5 controllers. These lockers are located in the Emory Student Center and the Identity Spaces on the top floor of Cox Hall.

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