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Emory employees showcase how they ‘stress less’

As part of the Refresh from Stress campaign held this fall, Healthy Emory organized the first annual “Stress Less, Live More!” raffle, inviting leaders to engage their employees to reflect on the many ways they relieve stress. Thirteen Emory University and Emory Healthcare departments and units created unique and creative public displays that showcased their employees’ remedies for reducing stress and finding joy in life.

Participants shared tips like walking in nature, hugs, dancing, eating good food and daydreaming.

“Just doing the board together has definitely helped us relax and be more grateful for each other,” says Dymphna Coradazzi of the Emory Johns Creek Hospital Same Day Surgery Department.

“Our team really loves nature, so we chose a theme featuring trees, leaves and woodland creatures,” says Gillian Landgraff from Emory Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development department. “It was a lot of fun putting it together and getting everyone’s input.”

“The goal of the project was to provide a way for leaders to demonstrate their commitment to their teams’ well-being,” explains Farrah Spellman Williams, assistant vice president, well-being/health strategies for the university. “Leadership plays a key role in creating space for employees to participate in well-being activities at work.” 

Emory’s Health and Well-being team also wanted to demonstrate that supporting well-being doesn’t have to be complicated.

“We can support each other’s well-being even in small ways, like sharing some tips on stress relief,” says Danielle Lenane, senior manager of well-being programs.

The winners — which were drawn randomly — were Emory Healthcare Inc. Marketing and Emory University Human Resources’ Learning and Organizational Development and Benefits Department. All members of both departments will receive free chair massages. The Health and Well-being team plans to host the raffle again next year.

The raffle was a part of the annual Refresh from Stress campaign, which ran from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31.

“Refresh from Stress was developed by the Emory University Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) in 2017 as an employee program focused on enhancing emotional health and well-being through fun and easy activities that improve stress management and resilience,” says Mellonie Hayes Mullins, FSAP’s education coordinator.

During this year’s campaign, Healthy Emory collaborated with FSAP to promote stress management resources and services. Participating Emory University and Emory Healthcare employees and their spouses could earn medical plan well-being incentives if they were on an Emory medical plan, or other rewards if they were not on an Emory medical plan. Resources from Emory Healthcare’s Employee Assistance Program BHS were also promoted during the campaign.

The Healthy Emory initiative was established to improve employee health and well-being in physical activity, nutrition, sleep, community, stress management and tobacco avoidance. To learn more about Healthy Emory and Emory’s well-being initiatives, visit

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