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Emory remains top recipient of NIH research dollars
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Rajee Suri

Emory University continues to be one of the top-ranked institutions for research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), according to the latest report from the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research.

In 2021, Emory received $479.5 million and held steady in its ranking: 18th in the nation overall for institutional funding from the NIH.

“Emory’s continued ability to score among the country’s most elite universities reaffirms its place as a leading academic research institution,” says David Stephens, MD, vice president for research in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center at Emory. “Our contributions to COVID-19 — the biggest crisis of our time — are second to none; we tested all three vaccines that are currently FDA authorized, discovered an antiviral pill for the disease, and have evaluated diagnostics and therapies that are now widely used.”

Emory’s individual schools all figured in the top 20 in their categories, with two in the top 10.

  • School of Medicine: 16th in the nation with $ $382.7 million
  • School of Nursing: 3rd in the nation with $ 10.5 million
  • School of Public Health: 7th in the nation with $ 52.8 million

At the department level, Emory School of Medicine has 10 departments in the top 20, including four in the top 10: Biomedical Engineering (3), Neurology (5), Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (5), and Pediatrics (4).

Five other departments rank in the top 15: Medicine (12), Surgery (12), Microbiology and Immunology (13), Pharmacology (14), and Rehab Medicine (15).

In addition, Winship Cancer Institute scientists contribute significantly to the NIH research funding totals, and Yerkes National Primate Research Center has one of the largest research funding bases of the nation’s seven NIH-supported national primate research centers.

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