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The new Healthy Emory Connect is now available
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An updated version of the Healthy Emory Connect platform has launched, giving employees the tools they need to take better control of their health journey.

Healthy Emory recently partnered with Sharecare to power Healthy Emory Connect, Emory’s health and well-being technology platform. The program (available vie desktop computer and mobile app) has all-new activities and resources to help participants live healthy lives while earning Emory medical plan incentives. Registrants also gain access to Sharecare’s innovative tools and resources designed to support well-being at every stage of wellness journeys.

Earn medical plan incentives

Emory benefits-eligible employees, spouses and pre-65 retirees on an Emory medical plan can earn rewards by participating in health-related activities. Current Emory plan incentives are as follows:

  • Aetna HSA plan enrollees earn a deposit into their health savings account
  • Aetna POS plan enrollees earn a credit toward their deductible or co-insurance
  • Kaiser plan enrollees earn credits toward their Kaiser Permanente Health Reimbursement Arrangement (KP HRA) and can use these for their medical and pharmacy co-pays. 

Learn more about Emory’s 2022 medical plan incentives on the human resources website.

Take advantage of new health and well-being resources

Participate in programs and incentives by following three steps to create an account on the Emory Sharecare portal:

  • Step 1: Register for an account at Healthy Emory Connect.
  • Step 2: Complete the RealAge Test, Sharecare’s innovative health assessment designed to analyze true age based on current lifestyle and health history. The test takes only 15 minutes to complete. After completing the test, participants receive personalized tips and recommendations. Registering and completing the RealAge Test also earns a $75 Emory medical plan incentive.
  • Step 3: Complete a variety of health and well-being activities and challenges each quarter to earn Emory medical plan incentives for 2022. 

For more information on activities to complete each quarter, log into Healthy Emory Connect and select Achieve and Rewards to browse the complete list of activities and dates. 

Contact Healthy Emory at 404-712-3775 or with questions or call Sharecare customer service at 855-428-1708 for assistance.

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