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Emory professor Deborah Lipstadt's talk debuts on

Emory historian Deborah Lipstadt’s story on her courtroom battle with a Holocaust denier, chronicled in the feature film “Denial,” will reach a new audience this week as a TED talk.

Lipstadt’s talk at a TEDxSkoll event in Oxford, England, earlier this year goes live on the website and homepage on Tuesday, May 2.

Her talk tells the story of her six-year battle to defend the existence of the Holocaust in a British courtroom, and proposes solutions for how to fight for the truth in a new era rife with “alternative facts.” 

In addition to appearing on the website, Lipstadt’s talk will be posted on the company’s Facebook feed, iTunes channel, daily newsletter and mobile app, and may be featured on’s playlists, and its Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn or other social accounts.

Lipstadt’s TED talk also will start to get translated into other languages as part of the company’s volunteer translator program. It will be shared on’s YouTube channel of five million subscribers about three weeks after it’s posted on the website, and will start to appear in global distribution through’s partners on other media sites around the world, in multiple languages. 

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