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Rose Library seeks nominations for new undergraduate awards

The Rose Library is pleased to announce two new awards for undergraduates: the Alan Rackoff Prize and the Schuchard Prize for Undergraduate Research.

The Alan Rackoff Prize was established through the Betsy and Wayne Rackoff Fund and named on honor of Dr. Rackoff's late brother, an Emory student in the class of 1973. Dr. Wayne Rackoff 75C, vice president of clinical oncology at Janssen Research & Development (a Johnson & Johnson company), was among the first generation of Emory students in English courses to have access to primary materials in what was then known as “Special Collections.” The experience made a lasting imprint on his intellectual life and led him to become a longtime supporter of the archival collections.

The Schuchard Prize was established through the Betsy and Wayne Rackoff Fund, and named in honor of Dr. Rackoff's archival mentor, Ronald Schuchard, Goodrich C. White Professor Emeritus of English. The Schuchard Prize will award $1,000 for the best paper written on the basis of primary source material submitted for a class offered by the Department of English and $500 for an honorable mention. The prizes may also be awarded for alternative projects, such as the curating and mounting of exhibitions based on archival materials in the Rose Library.

Emory University faculty, librarians and archivists may nominate current undergraduate students in good standing. Current undergraduate students in good standing may also self-nominate after consultation with a faculty member.

For this cycle, nominators may nominate up to three original research projects completed for course credit after Jan. 1, 2015. A research project, personal statement of research (roughly 500 words), and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, librarian or archivist are required.

Applications can be submitted via the Rose Library Submittable page between March 18 and April 1.

Currey Seminar applications sought

Named for Bradley Currey Jr., former chair of the Emory University Board of Trustees, the Currey Seminar is open to undergraduates in all years of the Honors program of the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, or any upper level student who is conducting original research.

Successful applicants attend two intensive instructional workshops that will train them to locate archival repositories, assess manuscript and special collections, plan their research and properly handle rare materials.

Students who successfully complete the training receive grants intended to help defray the costs of conducting original research in an archival repository. The Rose Library is supportive of students wishing to travel short or long distances; the amount of each award will be determined based on travel needs. Students interested in doing research in Atlanta or North Georgia repositories should not be discouraged from applying.

Applicants must submit a short (1-2 page) research proposal and a letter of support from a faculty member, librarian or archivist. Original research topics should be developed in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

After their research trips, students will be required to submit a short article detailing their experience doing archival research for inclusion in a Rose Library publication. They will also be invited to attend a reception during the academic year to celebrate their achievements and share their experiences.

For more information please contact Courtney Chartier, head of research services, at

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