two men in front of building
a man in a suite being held back  by two men in a lab coat
crowd on the quad gettring ready to play game
a player getting dressed in lab coats
a person reading the rules of the game
two players in a lab with beakers in front of them
a view from the outside of a lab while the game is going on
view from inside a lab looking out as players run toward the lab


Photos: Atlanta Science Festival's Zombie Outbreak Game

March 22, 2016

Zombies infested Emory's campus on Sunday, March 20, but luckily, teams of Atlanta Science Festival attendees were able to stop the spread of the mock epidemic. Participants in the Zombie Outbreak Game used real-world tools employed by public health scientists to study the environment, perform lab tests, interview patients and investigate vaccines and treatments.

Emory is a founding sponsor of the Atlanta Science Festival, which continues through March 26. Learn about additional festival events at Emory, including Friday's "Physics Live!" event.

Photos by Emory Photo//Video.