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Staff Fest 2024 rocks the Quad with music and more

Employees from across Emory’s workforce gathered on the Quad June 14 for Staff Fest, the annual celebration for university employees to mark the conclusion of the academic year.

2024 marked the 46th-annual Staff Fest. The year’s theme, “Rock the Quad,” was fitting, as live music from Atlanta’s Band X provided a festive backdrop for the fun. Hundreds of staff enjoyed the time with colleagues while trying their skills at axe throwing and rock wall climbing, competing in cornhole and other games, having caricatures drawn and lingering over lunch.

The fun of Staff Fest also brings good natured competition. Congratulations to all the 2024 winners:

Chalk the Walk

1st place: Division of Animal Resources, School of Medicine (Katharine Judd, Amanda Morgan, Corvin Lee and Lorna Waldrop)

2nd place: Student Health, Campus Life (Erin Martin, Lakeeva Proctor and Stevie-Anne Bertram)

3rd place: Emory University Libraries (Jenny Townes, Cailyn Hornsby, Hannah Griggs and Krystal Rambus)

Volleyball Tournament

1st place: Division of Animal Resources, School of Medicine (Carlos Magana, Cameron Nash, Gerald Searcy, Michael Huerkamp, Juan Duarte, Leonard Mendez, Mickey Theodros, Robert Sheffield, Eric Elder and Catalina Forero)

2nd place: The Science Geeks, Emory Vaccine Center. (Hedwin Dakar, Enoch Muyanja, Mojahidil Islam, Marthe Pauwels, Prashant Bajpai, Ashish Sharma, Mohammed Latif, Arth Shah and Vinay Srivastava)

3rd place: The Volley Llamas, Office of Undergraduate Education (Cora Macbeth, Anthony Still, Jill Camper, Luz Caraballo, Dan Dillard, Greg Hollinger, Paul Byrnes and Lauren Cowan)

Fun Run/Walk

(click to see winners in each division)


  1. Iaah Lucas
  2. Justin Todaro


  1. Jordan Anunike
  2. Natalie Danzl
  3. Gabriella Ess
  1. Sarah Flood
  2. Kristin Haller
  3. Arielle Chism


  1. Robin Mitchell
  2. Ngozi Okafor-Bovell
  3. Kate Revill


  1. Jennifer Robertson
  2. Anita Renahan-White
  3. Susana Contreras Alcantara


  1. Sally Mountcastle
  2. Sheri McLaurin
  3. Evelyn Merecuana


  1. Harry Torp
  2. Peter Koroma
  3. Karl Nyholm


  1. Derek Nelson
  2. Jeann Luccas Sabino De Carvalho
  3. Arnaud Choux


  1. Jeff Lentz
  2. Pramod Kumar Edamattathil Krishnakuma
  3. Jason Ciejka


  1. Andrew West
  2. Rey Valdez
  3. Oscar Castanon


  1. Qin Hui
  2. Ed Soley
  3. Matthew Cirillo

Photos by Ted Pio Roda.

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