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Season 5 of ‘Your Fantastic Mind’ set to premiere April 17, exploring new frontiers in brain health on GPB
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Your Fantastic Mind

Emory University and Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) are excited to announce the premiere of Season 5 of the Emmy award-winning PBS television series, "Your Fantastic Mind," scheduled to debut on April 17 at 7 p.m. ET.

The new season continues to explore groundbreaking advancements in brain health, featuring compelling stories from patients and the latest insights from top medical professionals.  

Season 5 consists of six 30-minute episodes airing weekly every Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET from April 17 to May 22 on GPB’s statewide television network. The show is nationally distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association to PBS stations across the U.S., reaching more than 200 stations in 49 states including all top 20 markets such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

“Your Fantastic Mind” Season 5 highlights:

  • Episode 1 (April 17): Venture to the Dominican Republic where Emory therapists provide crucial health care services under challenging conditions. 
  • Episode 2 (April 24): Delve into innovative research on inflammation-induced depression, the impacts of racism on the brain and new methods to enhance mental focus in trauma-affected women through vibration feedback mindfulness.
  • Episode 3 (May 1): Examine the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program and an NIH study on maternal substance abuse and its effect on infant brain development.
  • Episode 4 (May 8): Uncover the vital roles of physician-scientists, the influence of socio-economic factors on mental health and a patient’s progress with deep brain stimulation for depression.
  • Episode 5 (May 15): Follow the personal battle of a man dealing with a life-threatening hemorrhagic stroke and the innovative ENRICH trial aiming to improve survival rates. 
  • Episode 6 (May 22): In the season finale, explore the challenges of advancing treatment accessibility and a case study on Alzheimer’s treatment with newly FDA-approved medication.

“Our partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting on ‘Your Fantastic Mind’ has played an invaluable role in advancing public understanding of brain research and clinical breakthroughs,” says Ravi I. Thadhani, MD, MPH, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs at Emory University. “The series not only showcases Emory’s dedication to improving lives through science but also emphasizes the importance of fostering an informed community ready to engage with their own health decisions.”

“‘Your Fantastic Mind’ exemplifies our commitment to educating the public about critical health issues,” says Bert Wesley Huffman, President and CEO of GPB. “This collaboration with Emory University enables us to bring pivotal, life-changing stories to our viewers, illuminating the human brain’s complexities and the potential for groundbreaking treatments.”

The show is hosted and written by Jaye Watson, a video producer at Emory Brain Health, and co-executive produced with Kenny Hamilton, Emory Brain Health’s director of videography. Both are Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning veteran Atlanta journalists. Since its inception in 2019, ‘Your Fantastic Mind’ has been awarded nine Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast Chapter, including best TV series. 

For more information or to stream full episodes from Season 5 and previous seasons, please visit the “Your Fantastic Mind” website.

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