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An update on Tuesday’s off-campus event

To the Emory Community:

As you may be aware, an event was held off-campus this past Tuesday at a non-university location. In response, a protest occurred outside the venue on public property. Emory is looking into disturbing claims of harassment, discrimination, and assault that allegedly occurred that evening. We are gathering facts from all available sources to determine if any member of our community may have violated the applicable conduct code so we can hold them accountable.

We know these are challenging times on our campus. Many members of our community have deep connections to Gaza and Israel where war, a hostage crisis, and a humanitarian crisis evolve daily. As we debate serious issues, we want to be clear that no member of our community should ever fear for their physical safety, and no member of our community should face discrimination in any form.

Ravi Bellamkonda, Provost 

Enku Gelaye, Dean of Campus Life

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