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Emory Healthcare Network, Southeast Primary Care Partners align to offer coordinated care
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With the addition of Southeast Primary Care Partners, the Emory Healthcare Network now offers more than 500 primary care physicians that patients can access for care.

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ATLANTA, GA – The Emory Healthcare Network, the most comprehensive clinically integrated network in Georgia, and Southeast Primary Care Partners, the state’s largest primary care-focused independent medical group, has announced the two organizations are aligning to provide Georgians greater access to primary care physicians and seamless care to specialists.

Southeast Primary Care Partners have 49 locations in the state of Georgia with 143 providers located in those clinics, and additional locations throughout the southeastern United States. The Emory Healthcare Network consists of 11 hospitals and approximately 500 provider locations throughout the state with over 3,700 physicians in more than 70 specialties, including specialists through its academic medical center. Together, the collaboration aims to expand services and expertise to individuals seeking health care closer to home.

With the addition of Southeast Primary Care Partners, the Emory Healthcare Network now offers more than 500 primary care physicians that patients can access for care.

“With a focus on care coordination, this new alignment broadens the primary care footprint for Georgians through Southeast Primary Care Partners’ many independent offices, while providing patients with access to a wide range of specialists within the Emory Healthcare Network,” says Patrick Hammond, CEO of the Emory Healthcare Network. “Additionally, the collaboration aims to improve health outcomes, value-based care and lower costs for all.”

Physicians within Southeast Primary Care Partners’ independent network will become members of the Emory Healthcare Network, providing an open line of communication between the two organizations for seamless, integrated patient care. The organizations are currently evaluating electronic health record (EHR) interoperability options to enhance continuity of patient care between both organizations.

“We are committed to working collaboratively with the independent primary care practices in our ever-expanding network to provide value-based care options to members of our community,” says Eric Lisle, CEO of Southeast Primary Care Partners “Through our collaboration with Emory, patients will be able to access valuable primary care services in their community while having access to specialty care through the Emory Healthcare Network.”

“Our state continues to see a shortage of primary care physicians, so we must look for solutions to broaden access to such care for Georgians,” says Joon S. Lee, MD, CEO of Emory Healthcare. “By combining forces with Southeast Primary Care Partners, patients will have additional primary care providers available for their health care needs through the Emory Healthcare Network. We welcome these new members to our dedicated and valued team of clinicians.”

To ensure success of this alignment, the organizations have formed a Joint Operations Committee with leaders from both organizations meeting monthly. They will continually evaluate the benefits of the alignment while considering opportunities to advance care delivery and services.

Georgians can visit the Southeast Medical Group website to schedule an appointment. Additionally, individuals can find primary care physicians through the Emory Healthcare Network by entering ‘primary care’ or a provider’s name in the search box.

About Emory Healthcare Network:

The Emory Healthcare Network is a clinically integrated network providing access to coordinated patient- and family-centered care. With 11 hospitals, approximately 500 provider locations and over 3,700 physicians in more than 70 specialties, the network delivers care through a full range of hospitals, clinics and local practices. The Emory Healthcare Network includes more than 500 primary care physicians and more than 50 Peachtree Immediate Care locations.

About Southeast Primary Care Partners:

Southeast Primary Care Partners (SPCP) is committed to upholding the independence, innovation, and collaboration of primary care physicians, with the ultimate goal of transforming healthcare and achieving true value-based care everywhere.  Our cutting-edge processes, tools, and technology ease administrative burdens and allow for a greater focus on patients. Headquartered in Georgia, SPCP is rapidly growing throughout the Southeast and beyond, with 51 locations and counting. For more information, visit

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