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Nominations are open for 2024 John F. Morgan Sr. Distinguished Faculty Lecturer
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The Emory University Faculty Council is soliciting nominations through Wednesday, Jan. 3, for the John F. Morgan Sr. Distinguished Faculty Lecturer for 2024.

This lectureship recognizes the achievements of distinguished Emory faculty members and provides an opportunity for these individuals to present major themes of their work that are of intellectual interest to the Emory and greater Atlanta communities. 

Nominations are invited from faculty members of all units and departments of the university community. A committee of past recipients will review the nominations and will recommend a nominee to President Gregory L. Fenves for formal invitation.

Nominees should embody the highest academic ideals and be engaged in scholarship of significant interest. They also should be effective at communicating their ideas to the academic community. The faculty member selected will be invited to present a lecture that has broad appeal and that displays exemplary scholarly work.

Letters of nomination should include a statement of the nominee’s accomplishments and ability to convey their work to an audience from many different disciplines. In addition, the curriculum vitae of the nominee must be provided.

1996: Doug Wallace (Genetics)

1997: James Gustafson (Ethics)

1998: Dan Carter (History)

1999: Jacqueline Jordan Irvine (Education)

2000: Reynaldo Martorell (Public Health)

2001: John Witte (Law)

2002: Don Saliers (Theology)

2003: Claire Sterk (Public Health)

2004: Brooks Holifield (Theology)

2005: Frank Alexander (Law)

2006: Dennis Liotta (Chemistry)

2007: Jagdish Sheth (Business)

2008: Elaine Walker (Psychology)

2009: Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im (Law)

2010: Natasha Trethewey (Creative Writing)

2011: Ora Strickland (Nursing)

2012: Harvey Klehr (Political Science)

2013: Steve Warren (Medicine)

2014: Helen S. Mayberg (Medicine)

2015: Frans de Waal (Psychology)

2016: Bruce Levin (Biology)

2017: Rafi Ahmed (Medicine)

2018: Carol Anderson (African American Studies)

2019: Melvin J. Konner (Anthropology and Behavioral Biology)

2020: Max D. Cooper (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine)

2021: Nancy J. Newman (Ophthalmology)

2021: Valérie Biousse (Ophthalmology)

2023: Colleen McBride (Public Health)

Send letters of nomination and the nominee’s curriculum vitae via email to George B. Shepherd (chair-elect, Faculty Council), Nitika Gupta (chair, Faculty Council) and Lisa Parker (program coordinator, Faculty Council).

Nominations will be accepted through Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024.

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