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Science Gallery Atlanta and WABE unveil new interactive podcast, ‘Calls for Justice’
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'Calls for Justice' phone booth at Science Gallery Atlanta

At Emory University's Science Gallery Atlanta, a new phone booth invites visitors to share perspectives on justice.

At the heart of Science Gallery Atlanta’s “JUSTICE” exhibition, a special new phone booth awaits visitors, inviting them to share voice-recorded reflections on the exhibition and perspectives on justice. This phone booth is home to a new interactive podcast series, “Calls for Justice,” hosted in partnership by Emory University’s Science Gallery Atlanta and WABE, the PBS and NPR affiliate of metro Atlanta. 

"Calls for Justice" logo

“Calls for Justice” can be accessed on all major streaming platforms and

“JUSTICE” invites visitors to reimagine the way they think about justice through interactive exhibits co-created by Emory researchers and more than a dozen artists. The exhibition features original, interactive works of art that explore themes such as identity, class and privilege; environment and food justice; and issues affected by public transit.

“In partnering with WABE on ‘Calls for Justice,’ we sought a medium where individuals could not just participate in public media, but do so in an innovative way that safeguards their intellectual rights and creates ownership of the show as a justice-centered approach,” says Floyd Hall, director of Science Gallery Atlanta and podcast producer. “My vision for the ‘JUSTICE’ exhibition is to create a nexus where we foster public engagement with the systems that inform our society. Integrating ‘Calls for Justice’ is a stride towards that vision.”

Launched on Aug. 28, the “Calls for Justice” podcast features contributions from gallery visitors that focus on themes within the exhibition such as discrimination, power dynamics, gatekeeping and rights concerning name, image and likeness. Audio clips left by visitors are an integral part of the show’s narrative, as the podcast follows a unique user-generated content approach that revives the spirit of public media.

"Calls for Justice" phone booth

“Calls for Justice” phone booth at Science Gallery Atlanta.

The podcast’s debut episode invites listeners into the background of the series, with insights from its producers: Hall; Scotty Crowe, vice president of audio at WABE; and Kevin Rinker, podcast producer at WABE. Gallery visitors will host all subsequent episodes, with each episode featuring the reflection of one person. Episodes will release regularly through fall 2023 on all major streaming platforms.

The inclusivity of “Calls for Justice” extends beyond just vocal contributions; contributors whose voices are featured can also benefit from the podcast’s revenue-sharing and share ownership of the show.

At a time when acting on justice is crucial, “Calls for Justice” emerges as a beacon for collective action, dialogue and insight. With its foundation rooted in public participation, it’s set to be a podcast by the people, for the people.

The “JUSTICE” exhibition and “Calls for Justice” phone booth are currently on display at Science Gallery Atlanta at Pratt-Pullman Yards in Atlanta through Sept. 30. “Calls for Justice” can be accessed on all major streaming platforms and

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