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Delta Air Lines sponsors U.S. passports for Emory students
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Delta Air Lines has awarded a $51,000 sponsorship to Emory University and five other prominent educational institutions in Atlanta for a free passport program to help increase access to global education experiences and foster international perspectives among students.

The funding was awarded to Emory’s Atlanta Global Partnerships for the Atlanta Global Research and Education Collaborative (AGREC), a network supporting global research and education initiatives in Greater Atlanta. Member institutions are Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Agnes Scott College, Spelman College and Kennesaw State University.

Delta’s sponsorship will fund 50 passports at each partner institution, totaling 300 passports during the 2023-24 academic year. Each university will oversee its own outreach program or dedicated passport day to tailor impact for the unique academic environments and student bodies.

“This partnership with AGREC and Delta Air Lines marks a significant step toward breaking down barriers and opening doors for students to become citizens of the world,” says Obse Ababiya, associate director in the Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives (GSI), Atlanta Global Partnerships. “The sponsorship reflects a visionary investment in the future of our students, recognizing that exposure to diverse cultures and experiences can profoundly shape their educational and personal development.”

Emory University’s Free Passport Initiative, launched by GSI in March 2023, demonstrates the university’s commitment to student flourishing. Open to any Emory student receiving financial aid, this initiative aims to eliminate the financial barriers that might hinder their ability to obtain a U.S. passport. By covering the U.S. passport application and photo fees, the program provides a gateway for eligible students to embark on journeys of international exploration and learning.

Applications for Emory’s Free Passport Initiative’s fall 2023 cycle are currently open.

Interested students are encouraged to apply on the Free Passport Initiative webpage by Monday, Oct. 9, for consideration. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Enrolled, degree-seeking Emory students receiving financial aid
  • First-time and renewal passport applicants (with priority given to first-time applicants) 

Application acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional program information, the application checklist and details on the next Emory Passport Day can be accessed on the Emory Free Passport Initiative website.

Inquiries and questions regarding the initiative can be directed to Detailed information about U.S. passport requirements can be found on the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website.

More about AGREC

Launched in 2020 and co-created by Emory’s Office of Global Strategy and Initiatives and the Atlanta Global Studies Center, AGREC aims to build and strengthen collaborative networks of multi-institutional scholars and practitioners to support global research and education initiatives in the Greater Atlanta region, bringing together scholars and experts to address global complex problems.

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