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Message from President Fenves: Supreme Court ruling on race in college admissions
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The following message was sent to the Emory community June 29, 2023, by President Gregory L. Fenves.

Dear Emory Community,

At Emory University, our community has long been enriched by a profound commitment to diversity and inclusion. Each year, we welcome talented students who represent a vast range of backgrounds and perspectives to our campuses. Central to the outstanding education we provide them is the opportunity to learn from, and with, fellow students who reflect our world and will shape it in the future. As I wrote last fall, diversity doesn’t merely enhance education; it is integral to education.

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that race can no longer be used as an explicit factor in admission to colleges and universities. I am deeply concerned about the impact this ruling will have at Emory and at colleges and universities across the nation. Throughout my career in higher education, I have seen the impact of similar decisions firsthand. I have watched states ban the use of race as a factor in admission to public universities and have seen the declines—in some cases precipitous—of underrepresented minority students at those institutions. American higher education has been the greatest engine for opportunity our nation has ever known. The repercussions of today’s decision will be felt over time, in the businesses, public service roles, and communities where our graduates work and live.

From the moment this case was taken up by the Supreme Court, Emory’s leadership team has been actively engaged in considering its potential implications. Emory’s current admissions process evaluates each applicant as an individual—looking at their talents and accomplishments as well as the distinct characteristics and experiences that have prepared them to contribute to our educational community. We will thoroughly review this process to determine what adjustments need to be implemented.

Diversity remains a bedrock value at Emory University. It is reflected in our students, whose talents define the Emory experience. Our commitment to diversity is a commitment to them. As we move forward together, I will continue to champion this cause while fighting to improve access to an Emory education.


Gregory L. Fenves


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