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Emory unveils self-guided campus tours
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Campus visitors can now explore Emory’s Atlanta and Oxford campuses through self-guided tours for a personalized and self-paced understanding of the college environment and its surroundings.

— Kay Hinton, Emory Photo/Video

Choosing a college can be costly, timely and demand a lot of attention — a challenging mix. To help ease the process, the Emory and Oxford admission marketing teams collaborated to launch a new self-guided tour for campus visitors. By texting “VisitEmory” to 58052 or scanning the QR code on the new campus maps, users can now access the tour and explore the campus at their own leisure.

The self-guided tour is designed to supplement the existing in-person and virtual tours, with the goal of assisting students in their decision-making process when selecting a college.

With the implementation of the self-guided tour, students can now create a customized, unique tour experience. The self-guided tours — which are specific to each campus — include locations that showcase academic and campus highlights. With a few clicks on a smartphone, visitors can navigate to an online map that walks prospective students and their families through the campuses without needing a tour guide.

Each tour stop features prominent signage with QR codes to provide additional information using the complimentary guest Wi-Fi. Visitors can explore the Atlanta and Oxford campuses at their own pace in whatever order they choose, including skipping areas altogether or spending more time at locations of personal interest. Each campus is also part of Emory’s virtual tours, meaning students can revisit areas online.

While in-person visits are customary in helping high school students decide which school may be the right fit, virtual tours have become a vital component of the college search. With the addition of self-guided tours, essential messaging is quickly and effectively communicated, even when circumstances keep students from a traditional guided tour.

Students often benefit more from a self-guided tour than a virtual tour because they are more expansive and up-to-date. Having additional time to view the campus, culture and residence life is another bonus to self-guided tours.

Both the Emory and Oxford College self-guided tours offer imagery and information highlighting prominent locations such as residence halls, individual schools and other featured campus spots. The Atlanta campus self-guided tour has approximately 30 stops, and the Oxford campus has more than a dozen.

The marketing teams are actively building content for both tours, including videos featuring student Tour Ambassadors, additional imagery and additional tour stops based on user interest.

Students and parents can follow the tour without downloading the Full Measure Tours app, but the app offers increased functionality. To access turn-by-turn GPS and augmented reality (AR) functionality, download the Full Measure Tours app.

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