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Masks optional on Emory buses and shuttles as of Monday, Oct. 3

After reviewing current community risk indicators, City of Atlanta policies and industry best practices across regional and national public transportation systems, Emory has moved to “mask optional” on all shuttles as of Monday, Oct. 3. 

“Mask optional” means it is each individual’s personal choice to wear a mask or not, and our collective community response must be one that honors and respects these choices. Anyone who needs to or prefers to wear a mask is encouraged and welcome to do so. 

Additional COVID-19 safety measures continue to be in place on all shuttles including needlepoint bipolar ionization and MERV 7 filers to help improve air quality and filtration. We also encourage all community members to review COVID-19 resources available on Emory Forward and continue practicing healthy behaviors, including self-monitoring health conditions, washing hands frequently and staying home when sick.

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