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The story behind Emory Magazine’s AI cover art

Emory University student Sharon Lee holding Emory magazine
The latest issue of Emory Magazine highlights Emory’s commitment to artificial intelligence (AI), especially in terms of ensuring that AI exemplifies our highest values rather than amplifying humanity’s worst flaws.

The magazine cover was even designed by AI, through a contest open to Emory students.

Sharon Lee 23M won the cover contest with her breathtaking entry that stood out among dozens of stellar submissions from other Emory students.

“This was such a cool competition,” Lee says. “I loved using the DREAM by Wombo app to try out a new form of artistic inspiration and see what can be created using artificial intelligence.”

Though she’s pursuing her master’s in anesthesiology at Emory School of Medicine, Lee loves to express her creativity and imagination through different art forms ranging from painting to music.

“When I moved to the U.S. as a child, everything was so new and confusing, but making art grounded me as I learned how to speak English,” she says. “Years later, when I changed school districts, I didn't know a single person in my new high school but playing the violin in orchestra gave me a voice. 

“Art can be so powerful because it triumphs over language and cultural barriers, brings people to a common ground and understanding, and moves and inspires them to take action that spring forth real change.”

Learn more about the cover contest and see other entries, then read about Emory’s commitment to keeping the heart in AI.

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