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Oxford College hosts inaugural Spring Festival
Coke Toast

Friday, March 18, was a historic day at Oxford College. The occasion was the inaugural Oxford Spring Festival, which drew a crowd of nearly 900 students, faculty, and staff. For the first time in school history, four consecutive classes joined together on campus. Students enjoyed carnival and board games; fun food and treats; commemorative sweatshirts, tees, tote bags, and other free swag; and the chance to connect—or reconnect—with faculty and staff. Juniors and seniors came back to see old friends, make new ones, and enjoy the campus.

“Our first-ever Spring Festival was a huge success because Oxford’s juniors and seniors came back to campus in force,” said Doug Hicks, Dean of Oxford College. “It was great to see four years of Oxford students together, all eager to see friends and mentors and to celebrate Oxford. The strong bonds of our community were on full display, and it was clear that our students—those still here and those who returned for the day from Atlanta—have a deep connection to this special place and the faculty and staff who have supported them in their academic journeys.”

Students were welcomed with a Coke toast from Dean Hicks and moved about the Student Center and the Library; each spot held a variety of entertainment options. In the Student Center, there were food stations, games, and vintage clothing, as well as a performance from Nishana, Oxford’s Bollywood/hip-hop fusion dance team. The Library featured arcade games, classic board games, and a fondue station—and offered another space for students to socialize. 

"Many juniors and seniors now on the Atlanta campus did not get to experience Oxford in the same way that past students might have due to the pandemic,” said Joe Moon, Dean of Campus Life. “We were happy to welcome them back and give them another opportunity to engage with the campus and each other in a fresh and exciting way. Like all our alums, they will always have a home at Oxford.”

The highlight of the afternoon was a student-faculty-staff mixer held in the Dining Hall. Juniors and seniors filled in their Oxford mentors on what they’ve been up to in Atlanta and enjoyed the time to casually catch up and network.

"Being back on the Oxford campus and seeing my fellow peers, current students, and my former professors and supervisors was such a heart-warming experience,” said Afsha Hossain 20Ox 22C, who was back at Oxford for both Spring Festival and the Muslim Student Association’s 30th anniversary celebration later in the evening. “It felt just like the old days we spent at the Dining Hall and Student Center—with friends and watching the same faces of Nishana perform. I loved catching up with my favorite professor Dr. [Sarah] Fankhauser and seeing my Res Life Coordinator Claudia [Zanjanchian]! It felt like home."

After a day of almost non-stop rain—with students warm, sheltered, and occupied in the various festival venues—the dark skies finally cleared near the end of the afternoon, and all were able to walk along the Quad and enjoy Oxford’s beautiful grounds.

“Our students are the foundation of our community, and we try to show them that every day, but we also wanted a grand gesture,” Hicks said. “We are at our best when we all come together and support each other, and we were able to do that with Spring Festival. We can’t wait to do it all again next year.”

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