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Assistant Professor receives Outstanding Transgender Advocate of the Year Award

Assistant Professor Dr. Athena D.F. Sherman, PhD, PHN, RN, CNE (xe/they/she), is the 2022 recipient of the Outstanding Transgender Advocate of the Year Award. 

Sherman was initially nominated for the Ally of the Year award by Assistant Dean of Clinical Advancement and Clinical Professor Laura P. Kimble, PhD, RN, FNP-C, FAHA, FAAN. Officials with the Office of LGBT Life thought that the Outstanding Transgender Advocate of the Year award was more fitting.

“Xir broad expertise in transgender and non-binary adult health has contributed to an inclusive, safe climate for the LGBTQ community through curriculum development, research, and active involvement in LGBTQ issues,” raved Kimble in her recommendations letter.

The Outstanding Transgender Advocate of the Year Award honors an individual, department, or organization that has made meaningful contributions to Emory’s transgender, gender variant, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender questioning people throughout the past year. The Transgender Advocate of the Year Award winner will have demonstrated contributions that resulted in the creation or improvement of an inclusive, respectful, and safe climate for the transgender community and their allies thereby furthering the mission of the Office of LGBT Life, and promoting acceptance, equality, and diversity in the Emory University community.

Sherman was presented with the award on March 30 during the Office of LGBT Life’s Pride Awards.

The Pride Awards occur every year on or around March 2 to commemorate the campus-wide protest on March 2, 1992. Started by Saralyn Chesnut on March 2, 1993, the annual Pride Awards mark the protest and celebrate the progress made each year. Individual members within the community are also recognized for their exceptional work through our peer-nominated awards. Varying year to year, these awards showcase many people’s great work behind the scenes for LGBT equality. Students are also awarded scholarships to acknowledge their work with the community and to enable them to continue striving toward equity.

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