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Let ‘Ergonomics @ Home’ help keep your work space healthy

Proper workstation setup can reduce muscle and joint fatigue, discomfort or pain. Join a free webinar on July 14 to learn how good ergonomics can make your day healthier and more comfortable.

Many Emory employees continue to work remotely or in a hybrid setting and may need help with the setup of their workstations. Proper workstation setup is an important factor in completing work in a safe, efficient and productive manner. Using proper ergonomics at your workstation helps reduce muscle and joint fatigue, discomfort or pain, which could lead to other, more serious, health problems.

To help Emory employees learn about proper ergonomic positioning, Healthy Emory’s ergonomist, Dawn McMillian, created a 10-minute webinar, Ergonomics @ Home. This webinar shows the most ergonomic-friendly way to set up home workstations and highlights common areas of risk for musculoskeletal injury.

A second webinar, Ergonomics @ Home: Kid’s Edition, teaches the most ergonomic-friendly way to set up a home workstation for children. It also addresses the growing use of other types of electronic entertainment devices. McMillian created this edition with Robert Chapman, assistant manager of Blomeyer Health Fitness Center.

Live versions of both webinars that include a Q&A time will be offered in July:

  • Ergonomics @ Home: Wednesday, July 14, at 12 p.m. Register here.
  • Ergonomics @ Home, Kid’s Edition: Wednesday, July 28, at 1 p.m. Register here.

If you are unable to attend a live webinar, recordings of each program are online (minus the Q&A):

A workstation self-assessment checklist also is available to employees who would like to evaluate their workstations themselves. Use this checklist to review key workstation areas; any questions you answer with “Yes” are aspects of your workstation that may need adjustment.

Whether you are working at home, remotely or in an Emory location, proper ergonomic positioning should not be ignored. For questions or more information, email or call 404-712-3775.

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