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Feast of Words virtually celebrates Emory faculty authors and editors
Pablo Palomino

Three Oxford College faculty members were represented at the annual Feast of Words: Devon Goss, David Gowler, and Pablo Palomino.

This annual recognition honored the Emory University faculty authors and editors with books published in the prior year and took place online.

In a typical year, the Emory Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Emory Libraries, and the Emory Barnes and Noble Bookstore host an annual event to celebrate the Emory faculty who have written or edited books in the prior year. University leaders attend to offer brief remarks and toast the honorees. This year's gathering would have been the 17th year of the event. More than 1,800 titles have been celebrated over that time.

In lieu of an in-person gathering this year, the following video, which went live on February 1, celebrates the authors and editors of books published in 2020 before August 31 (organizers are transitioning to a fall celebration to honor books published in the prior academic year in 2021).

The program celebrates with pre-recorded remarks by Emory University President Gregory L. Fenves, interviews with selected authors about their works (Oxford's Pablo Palomino appears), featured book covers, and the comprehensive list of 2021 faculty authors.

Watch the Video

Emory University Faculty Books Published Between January 1 and August 31, 2020

Five of these titles were brought into publication with help from the CFDE's Scholarly Writing and Publishing Fund, which provides small grants to faculty to hire an editor to help take a manuscript from one stage to the next. Those books are noted by an asterisk (*) next to the entry.

Alonso, Antonio (Theology). Caminemos con Jesús. GIA.

Andrade, Tonio A. (History). Cong danyao dao qiangpao: Shijieshi shang de Zhongguo junshi geju 从丹:世界史上的中国事格局 (The Gunpowder Age). Zhang Xiaoduo, Trans. CITIC Press.

Armstrong-Partida, Michelle (History), Alexandra Guerson, and Dana Wessell Lightfoot, eds. Women and Community in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia. U of Nebraska P.

Bennington, Geoffrey (Comparative Literature) and Katie Chenoweth. Derrida, J. Le calcul des langues. Seuil .

Bennington, Geoffrey (Comparative Literature). A Metà Senza Fine: in Militante Malinconia per Jacques Derrida. Mimesis Edizioni.

Blakeley, Sandra (Classics) and Billie Jean Collins (MESAS), eds. Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean. Lockwood.

Borthwick, David R. (Mathematics). Spectral Theory: Graduate Texts in Mathematics. Springer.

Branham, R. Bracht (Classics). Inventing the Novel: Bakhtin and Petronius Face to Face. Oxford UP.

Brigham, Kenneth (Medicine, emeritus) and Michael M E Johns (Medicine). The Good Doctor: Why Medical Uncertainty Matters. Seven Stories.

Brody, Jed (Physics). Quantum Entanglement. MIT Press.

Brown, Teresa Fry (Theology), ed. The Anvil, Sankofa: Worshipping God Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. AMEC Publishing.

Carrion, Maria (Comparative Literature), trans. El viaje cartográfico del teniente William H. Armstrong: Puerto Rico 1908-1912. Lanny Thompson and María Dolores Luque, eds. Librería Laberinto.

Cheong, Yuk (Psychology), Stephen W. Raudenbush, Anthony S. Bryk, and Richard T. Congdon Jr. HLM 8: Hierarchical Linear and Nonlinear Modeling. Scientific Software International.

Choi, Bumyong (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Mee-Jeong Park, Joowon Suh, and Mary S. Kim. Integrated Korean Workbook: Beginning. 3 rd edition. U of Hawaii P.

Clark, Thomas S. (Political Science), Barry Friedman, Margaret H. Lemos, Andrew D. Martin, Allison Orr Laresen, Anna Harvey. Judicial Decision-Making: A Coursebook. West Academic.

Clark, Thomas S. (Political Science). The Supreme Court: An Analytic History of Constitutional Decision Making. Cambridge UP.

Cooper, Hannah L. F. (Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences) and Mindy Thompson Fullilove. From Enforcers to Guardians: A Public Health Primer on Ending Police Violence. Johns Hopkins UP.

Corrigan, Kevin (MESAS), Dylan M. Burns, Ivan Miroshnikov, Tuomas Rasimus, and John D. Turner, eds. The Platonizing Sethian Background and Plotinus's Mysticism. Brill.

Crane, Jonathan (Center for Ethics). Judaism, Race, and Ethics: Conversations and Questions. Penn State UP.

Dillingham, William B. (English, emeritus). Artistic Duplicity: The Fiction and Poetry of Juliana Horatia Ewing. Sacristy.

Dillman, Lisa (Spanish and Portuguese), trans. The Bitch (by Pilar Quintana). World Editions.

Dillman, Lisa (Spanish and Portuguese), trans. A Luminous Republic (by Andrés Barba). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Dillman, Lisa (Spanish and Portuguese), trans. A Silent Fury: The El Bordo Mine Fire (by Yuri Herrera). And Other Stories.

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures). Detski voprosy: dialogi. Arsis Books.

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures). Ottsovstvo: Opyt, chuvstvo, taina. Nikeia.

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures). Postmodernizm v Rossii. Azbuka.

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures) and M. Lipovetsky, eds. Homo Scriptor: Sbornik statei i materialov v chest' 70–letiia Mikhaila Epshteina. Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie.

Franklin, Robert M. (Theology). Moral Leadership: Integrity, Courage, Imagination. Maryknoll Orbis.

Freer, Richard (Law), Wendy C. Perdue, and Robin J. Effron. Civil Procedure: Cases, Materials, and Questions. 8 th edition. Carolina Academic.

Freer, Richard (Law). The Law of Corporations. 8 th edition. West Academic.

Glynn, Adam N. (Political Science), Michael Coppedge, John Gerring, Carl Henrik Knutsen, Staffan L. Lindberg, Daniel Pemstein, Brigitte Seim, Svend-Erik Skaaning, Jan Teorell. Varieties of Democracy: Measuring Two Centuries of Political Change . Cambridge UP.

Goss, Devon (Sociology, Oxford) and B. Gonzalez-Sobrino, eds. The Mechanisms of Racialization Beyond the Black/White Binary. Routledge.

Gowler, David (Religion, Oxford). James Through the Centuries. Wiley-Blackwell.

Gowler, David (Religion, Oxford), Vernon Robbins (Religion, Emeritus), eds., Paul and the Resurrected Body: Social Identity and Ethical Practice. SBL Press.

Hennink, Monique (Global Health), Inge Hutter, and Ajay Bailey. Qualitative Research Methods. Sage Publications.

Huffer, Lynne (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies). Foucault's Strange Eros. Columbia UP.

Jordan, Dorothy (Nursing). It's Like Heaven: Stories from Camp Sunshine. U of Georgia P.

Jung, Danielle (Political Science) and Dara Kay Cohen. Lynching and Local Justice: Legitimacy and Accountability in Weak States. Cambridge UP.

Kasfir, Sidney Littlefield (Art History, emerita). Contemporary African Art. 2 nd edition. Thames and Hudson.

Kemp, Joel B. (Theology). Ezekiel, Law, and Judahite Identity: A Case for Identity in Ezekiel 1-33. Mohr Siebeck.

King, Spencer (Cardiology) and Michael McDaniel (Cardiology). JACC's Imaging Cases in Cardiovascular Intervention. Elsevier.

Klein, Lauren F. (English). An Archive of Taste: Race and Eating in the Early United States. U of Minnesota P.

Klein, Lauren F. (English) and Catherine D'Ignazio. Data Feminism. MIT Press.

Kuhar, Michael (Pharmacology). The Art and Ethics of Being a Good Colleague. 2 nd edition. Amazon.

Lal, Ruby (MESAS). Empress: The Astonishing Reign of Nur Jahan. Paperback edition. Norton.

Lambelet, Kyle (Theology). ¡Presente! Nonviolent Politics and the Resurrection of the Dead. Georgetown UP.

Lechner, Frank J. (Sociology) and John Boli (Sociology, emeritus), eds. The Globalization Reader. 6 th edition. Wiley.

*Loichot, Valerie (French and Italian). Water Graves: The Art of the Unritual in the Greater Caribbean. U of Virginia P.

Martin, Anthony (Environmental Sciences). Tracking the Golden Isles: Natural and Human Histories of the Georgia Coast. U of Georgia P.

McCauley, Robert N. (Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture) and George Graham. Hearing Voices and Other Matters of the Mind: What Mental Abnormalities Can Teach Us about Religions. Oxford UP.

Mead, Jan R. (Pediatrics) and Michael J. Arrowood, eds. Cryptosporidium Methods and Protocols. Springer Nature.

Morris, Sarah (Emory Libraries). The Critical Thinking About Sources Cookbook. American Library Association.

Nugent, David (Anthropology) and Ben Fallaw, eds. State Formation in the Liberal Era: Capitalisms and Claims of Citizenship in Mexico and Peru. U of Arizona P.

Oliker, Vladimir (Mathematics), Roland Winston, and Lun Jiang. Nonimaging Optics: Solar and Illumination System Methods, Design, and Performance. CRC Press.

*Palomino, Pablo (Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Oxford). The Invention of Latin American Music: A Transnational History. Oxford UP.

Pastan, Elizabeth Carson (Art History), Walter Melion (Art History), Lee Palmer Wandel. 'Quid est sacramentum?' Visual Representation of Sacred Mysteries in Early Modern Europe, 1400–1700. Brill.

Peletz, Michael (Anthropology). Sharia Transformations: Cultural Politics and the Rebranding of an Islamic Judiciary . U of California P.

Pui-lan, Kwok (Theology), ed. Asian and Asian American Women in Theology and Religion: Embodying Knowledge. Palgrave Macmillan.

Risjord, Mark Winden (Institute for the Liberal Arts) and David Henderson. The Dharma of Science: Philosophy of Science for Buddhist Scholars. Emory-Tibet Science Initiative.

Romig, Jennifer Murphy (Law) and Mark Edwin Burge, Legal Literacy and Communication Skills: Working with Law and Lawyers. Carolina Academic.

Rothbaum, Barbara (Psychiatry) and Sheila A. M. Rauch (Psychiatry). PTSD: What Everyone Needs to Know . Oxford UP.

Rothbaum, Barbara (Psychiatry), Sheila A. M. Rauch (Psychiatry), Erin Smith, Edna Foa. Prolonged Exposure for PTSD in Intensive Outpatient Programs (PE-IOP): Therapist Guide. Oxford UP.

Rothbaum, Barbara (Psychiatry), Edna Foa, Elizabeth Hembree, and Sheila A. M. Rauch (Psychiatry). Reclaiming Your Life from a Traumatic Experience: A Prolonged Exposure Treatment Program. 2 nd edition. Oxford UP.

Rothbaum, Barbara (Psychiatry), Edna Foa, Elizabeth Hembree, and Sheila A. M. Rauch (Psychiatry). Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Emotional Processing of Traumatic Experiences. Oxford UP.

Rothbaum, Barbara (Psychiatry), Naomi Simon, Eric Hollander, Dan J. Stein, eds. The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Anxiety, Trauma, and OCD-Related Disorders. 3 rd edition. American Psychiatric Association.

Saliers, Don (Theology, emeritus). Themes and Variations: Music and Imagination. GIA.

Samei, Hossein (MESAS). Grammar and Linguistics. Bahar.

Samei, Hossein (MESAS). On Persian Dictionaries. Bahar.

Samei, Hossein (MESAS). Principles of Lexicography. Bahar.

Sheth, Jagdish N. (Business). The Howard-Sheth Theory of Buyer Behavior. Wiley India

Sinykin, Daniel (English). American Literature and the Long Downturn: Neoliberal Apocalypse. Oxford UP.

*Smith, Kylie (Nursing). Talking Therapy: Knowledge and Power in American Psychiatric Nursing. Rutgers UP.

Stein, Kenneth W. (History), Jacob T. Zack, and Eli Sperling. Egyptian-Israeli Negotiations' Documents Reader: 1973-1979. Center for Israel Education.

Stewart, Dianne M. (Religion, African American Studies). Black Women, Black Love: America's War on African American Marriage. Seal.

Strocchia, Sharon L. (History) and Sara Ritchey, eds. Gender, Health, and Healing, 1250-1550. Amsterdam UP.

Swan, Beth Ann (Nursing), Sheila A. Hass, Traci S. Haynes, eds. Care Coordination and Transition Management Core Curriculum. 2 nd ed. American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing.

*Udel, Miriam (German Studies), ed. Honey on the Page: A Treasury of Yiddish Children's Literature. NYU Press.

Voit, Eberhard (Biomedical Engineering). Systems Biology: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford UP.

Warren, Nagueyalti (African American Studies). Lodestar: New and Selected Poems .

Wilson, Elizabeth (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies). A Silvan Tomkins Handbook: Foundations for Affect Theory. U of Minnesota P.

Witte Jr., John (Law) and Rafael Domingo (Law), eds. Christianity and Global Law. Routledge.

*Womack, Deanna F. (Theology). Neighbors: Christians and Muslims Building Community. Westminster John Knox.

Woodhouse, Barbara (Law). The Ecology of Childhood: How Our Changing World Threatens Children's Rights. NYU Press.

Wright, Jacob (Theology). War, Memory, and National Identity in Ancient Israel. Cambridge UP.

Yancy, George (Philosophy). Across Black Spaces: Essay and Interviews from an American Philosopher. Rowman & Littlefield.

Yancy, George (Philosophy) and Emily McRae, eds . Buddhism and Whiteness: Critical Reflections. Lexington Books.

Yancy, George (Philosophy), ed. Educating for Critical Consciousness. Routledge.

Yannakakis, Yanna O. (History), Martina Schrader-Kniffki, and Luis Alberto Arrioja DÍaz Viruell, eds. Los Indios Ante La Justicia Local. El Colegio de Michoacán.

Young, Kevin (Distinguished University Professor), ed. African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle and Song. Library of America.

Zafari, A. Maziar (Medicine), trans. Rade Paha (by Louise Erdrich). Forough.

Names in boldface indicate Emory faculty in cases of multiple authors or editors.

We have made an effort to identify all books written or edited by Emory faculty that were published between January 1 and August 31, 2020, but inevitably we miss a few. If you know of a book that should be on this list, please contact Allison Adams (, so that we may include it on the website for The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence. Thank you!

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