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Find ways to 'Refresh from Stress' even in challenging times

Are you ready for a stress break? If so, then join the 2020 “Refresh From Stress: 30-day Inspiration” (RFS) challenge and take control of your wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic, social unrest and uncertainty.

The employee wellness program runs Oct. 1-30 and focuses on enhancing emotional health and wellbeing through fun, easy and impactful activities that help improve stress management and resilience.

Why should you participate? There are lots of reasons:

  • RFS offers super-flexible options for participation. You may complete suggested activities for the five weekly themes or create your own. Want to focus on forming a new habit? Repeat the same activity daily. Prefer variety? Complete a different activity each day.
  • Most activities take only 10 or 15 minutes to complete, yet can have positive, lasting health benefits. Post-program survey responses from the 2019 RFS showed:
    • 92% reported being better equipped to practice stress management
    • 88% experienced increased emotional wellbeing
    • 82% acknowledged improved physical health
    • 71% reported improved work productivity
    • 97% said RFS was a valuable program
  • Several new activities were added this year, and many include adjustments for physical distancing.
  • RFS helps build self-awareness, resilience, morale, teamwork and engagement with others.
  • You can earn points toward health plan incentives on Healthy Emory Connect and be eligible for prize drawings to win Pulse cash for gift cards. If you’ve already reached Level 4 in Healthy Emory Connect, points earned will roll over into your account for 2021.

Need more encouragement? Here’s what several 2019 RFS participants shared:

  • “Love the variety of tips and strategies. I learned so much!”
  • “Logging it each day made me realize that even at times when I feel like my life is very hectic and stressful and all I do is work, I actually do take some time nearly every day to do something relaxing and refreshing.”
  • “I loved being able to choose my own activity. I've tried to do the RFS programs before, but this was the first time I've successfully completed [it] and I would love to do it again.”

View the 2020 Refresh from Stress video to learn more and register today on Healthy Emory Connect. If you are not already registered in Healthy Emory Connect, you will need to join the platform in order to register for RFS and be eligible for points and prizes.

Refresh from Stress is sponsored by the Faculty Staff Assistance Program and Healthy Emory and is open to all Emory Healthcare and Emory University faculty and staff.

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