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Help slow the spread of COVID-19 'For You. For Us. For Emory.'

A new public health campaign encourages members of the Emory community to take care of each other by continuing to wear face coverings, wash hands and follow physical distancing guidelines.

Community-driven input on ways to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 has inspired a new public health campaign that formally rolled out Thursday, Aug. 27. Through posters, videos and social media strategies, the “For You. For Us. For Emory.” campaign features students and other members of the community, with the goal of keeping COVID-19 off campus so we can remain on campus. 

The ongoing campaign began with a soft launch last week with the appearance of magenta and blue posters and yard signs on both the Atlanta and Oxford campuses. Multiple print and digital messages around the importance of wearing face coverings, washing hands and maintaining physical distance have been released throughout the Emory community today, and a video campaign, currently in production, will be released in coming weeks.  

While the “For You. For Us. For Emory.” campaign will serve the entire Emory community, many student groups have already implemented their own initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Emory University Student Government Association (SGA) instituted “Instagram takeovers” of SGA members reinforcing healthy practices; created a video of students, faculty and other community members donning their face coverings; and organized a design competition to create the logo to represent the SGA’s face covering initiative.

“Four years ago, I chose Emory because I noticed how much everyone — students, faculty and staff members — cared for each other's well-being,” says Mikko Biana, vice president of SGA. “I believe we all have a responsibility to carry on a particular aspect of Emory's mission: acting and leading in ‘the service of humanity.’ Right now, this looks like adhering to our Community Compact and not risking our lives and the lives of others.”

The campaign emphasizes messages of unity and consistent COVID-19 prevention practices both on and off campus.

“We know that we must take care of ourselves and each other if we are to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and remain on campus,” says Enku Gelaye, vice president and dean of Campus Life. “We all recognize how difficult it is to build a sense of community within the constraints of our new environment, but we — students, faculty and staff — are working together to provide each other with support in helping to keep us healthy and well while finding new and creative ways to connect, socialize and learn.” 

For many students, faculty and staff, the call for collective responsibility to keep COVID-19 off Emory’s campus is deeply personal.

“Much like everyone else, there are people in my life who I cannot imagine losing and are considered at high risk for COVID-19,” says Emory Law student Demetrius Williams, a 2020 juris doctor candidate. “By taking the necessary precautions in my daily life to slow the spread, I am helping protect those I know and love who are at risk.”  

The “For You. For Us. For Emory.” public health campaign reinforces the Emory Community Compact that outlines community members’ responsibilities in preventing the spread of COVID-19. For more information, please visit Emory Forward

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