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Stay healthy with Journeys programs, personalized virtual coaching

Journeys is a new addition to Healthy Emory Connect, offering employees personalized coaching programs on a wide range of topics. Joining Operation: Eat Right is one easy way to try the programs.

Healthy Emory Connect offers a wide range of resources and programs to help Emory employees start and maintain healthy habits year-round. One new addition to the platform is Journeys, a collection of personalized coaching programs that provide participants with: 

  • Choice: A wide variety of health topics with specific, small steps that appeal to each person’s interests.
  • Convenience: Journeys fit into daily life. New healthier habits can form with these quick but powerful programs.
  • Confidence: Small wins are reinforced, and success helps build new habits day-by-day.
  • Feedback: Timely nudges and fun, game-like activities help in the health behavior change process.

“These new virtual health and wellbeing programs come at an important juncture when many Emory employees have transitioned to a remote work schedule,” explains Michael Staufacker, assistant vice president, health management. “Some particularly timely programs include Get Strong at Home, Smart Snacking, Lift Right-Sit Straight, Shrink Your Debt, and Choose a New Attitude.”

Jaime Young, a nurse who has worked in the COVID-19 unit at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, has used several Journeys programs to help get through these challenging times.

“I find the strategies in all the Journey programs help me be a better nurse, mother, friend and overall me,” Young says. “The programs on stress have been invaluable in this time of crisis and uncertainty. They are easy to use and I can access them from my Virgin Pulse app – they’re literally at my fingertips. The tips are efficient, effective and practical. I am extremely grateful for this resource provided by Emory – it has given me tools to reach my goals of health, mental wellbeing and financial stability.” 

Cindy Holmes, an Emory Clinic patient access associate at Decatur Plaza, has participated in several Journeys. “I chose Change Your Workout because I was trying to stay motivated and needed a program that would help me maintain a healthy routine,” she says. “I also chose Calm Your Mind for Sleep because I found that my biggest need was not getting enough sleep. I needed help with finding a way to calm my mind so I could get my proper rest.”

One simple way to try Journeys is to join the annual summer nutrition challenge, Operation: Eat Right. This year’s challenge (running through July 12) focuses on improving produce consumption and portion control. Options include these Eating Healthy Journeys: 

  • Fit in More Fruit: Want a sweet option for meals and snacks that is high in nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals? Try new ways to add fruit to your meals and snacks.
  • More Veggies in No Time:  Looking for a quick addition to meals and snacks? That’s vegetables. With so many different choices and easy prep, you can be a veggie master in no time.
  • Smart Portions: Healthy eating is not just about what you eat, it’s also about how much. Learn some simple tricks to make smart portion choices. 

Journeys programs are available 24/7 on Healthy Emory Connect and can help with areas such as managing stress, moving more, eating better or quitting smoking. They also can help address chronic conditions including diabetes, back and muscle issues and financial wellbeing. 

“I was skeptical at first, but now I think everyone should give Journeys a try,” says Chaun Campos, a library specialist at Oxford College who used Set Up Your Room for Sleep after finding herself associating her bedroom with work and becoming too stressed to sleep. “It’s been a great stress reliever, and a fantastic way to maintain my wellbeing.”

Learn more about Journeys and other Healthy Emory Connect programs here

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