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Emory University Hospital front entrance and pedestrian bridge closed through July 2

Emory University Hospital’s front entrance and pedestrian bridge across Clifton Road will be closed for three weeks as the hospital’s lobby renovations continue. The closure began June 7; the entrance and bridge will reopen on Wednesday, July 3. Alternate routes are listed below.

Service areas affected by the renovation include:

  • The second floor Tower Bridge to EUH is closed. The third floor of the bridge will remain open for escorted patient and visitor transport.
  • The front entrance of EUH will be closed.
  • The A/B elevator will not stop on the second floor, and the A/B stairwell will be closed at the second floor. All other floors will still be accessible by this stairwell and elevator.
  • Main admissions on the second floor of EUH will be closed. Patients being admitted will go to admissions in the Tower. There will be an admissions representative in the ED for urgent admissions.
  • The gift shop will temporarily relocate to the old retail pharmacy space next to Building A of The Emory Clinic. There will be a limited merchandise selection.
  • The 2B CDU will temporarily relocate to 11E CIU.
  • Main Guest Services on the hospital’s second floor will temporarily move to the second floor bridge on the Tower side. The Guest Services desk in the first floor Emergency Department valet will remain.

People trying to enter the hospital from across Clifton Road or reach the hospital’s second floor A/B elevator lobby will need to follow an alternate route:

  • The hospital’s second floor may be reached by any elevator bank or stairwell except those in the A/B elevator lobby.
  • There will be four primary access points into the main hospital:
    • The tunnel from the Lowergate East parking deck or Emory Clinic Buildings. From Lowergate, you can use the elevator in the physician parking deck to access the tunnel.
    • The valet entrance to EUH.
    • The entrance to the Woodruff Memorial Building (open during business hours). Follow directional signage to the first floor of EUH.
    • The back entrance of Asbury Circle (by the cafeteria).

Guides and escorts will be at key locations to direct patients, visitors and staff during the renovation. Directional signage also will be placed along all routes.

Low-speed vehicles will be stationed at valet locations to shuttle patients who arrive at the wrong location and need additional support, and extra wheelchairs and transporters will be provided to help patients as needed.

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