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'Operation: Eat Right' employee nutrition challenge returns

Operation: Eat RightEmory’s annual nutrition challenge, launched June 3 with the goal of helping employees improve their health habits in three main areas: hydration, produce consumption and fiber intake. The challenge, which continues through July 14, includes three two-weeklong “missions” focused on these specific healthy eating habits.

“This year, Operation: Eat Right is focusing on specific areas of nutrition in an easy and fun way,” explains Dawn McMillian, wellness specialist. “Making sure you are drinking enough water, consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables, and choosing enough high fiber food choices are all great habits to practice when striving for a more nutritious diet. This challenge is designed to help you do exactly that.”

Similar to the Move More Challenge offered earlier this year, Operation: Eat Right is offered through Healthy Emory Connect, Emory’s wellness platform. The interactive website and mobile app allows employees to connect with each other, track their health goals and learn how to live healthier. It is also the gateway for earning medical plan incentive dollars to help employees lower their medical costs.

Operation: Eat Right provides an opportunity for those on the platform to earn points for certain activities during each two-week mission.

  • Mission 1 (June 3-16): 8 Glasses
  • Mission 2 (June 17-30): Produce Punch
  • Mission 3 (July 1-14): Fiber Flex

For more detailed information about each mission and how to earn points during the challenge, visit the website.

The Healthy Emory team’s cartoon nutrition superhero, “Super Dietitian,” will be making a reappearance in a new series of educational videos to help teach employees the basics of healthy eating.

 “We wanted to stand out from the crowd a bit while promoting this challenge and educating Emory employees, so we had some fun with it,” McMillian says. “Our hope is that Emory employees will also have some fun and improve their eating habits.”

Operation: Eat Right continues through July 14. Benefits-eligible employees can participate by first joining Healthy Emory Connect. And new this year, employees taking the challenges are encouraged to share photos of their activities.

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