Message from Emory President Claire E. Sterk regarding Sri Lanka tragedy

April 22, 2019


Laura Diamond
For media inquiries only:


This past academic year, a number of religious communities around the world have endured unimaginable tragedy and violence. With each new event, we grieve as a community, extending compassion to the victims of violence and standing in solidarity with those in our Emory family who have been affected by these global attacks on their identity and values.


Yesterday, violence again invaded sacred spaces during Easter Mass. We grieve the death of more than 300 people in Sri Lanka and offer our prayers for peace and healing in that country.


In the face of religious intolerance, Emory University will continue to cultivate peace on campus and around the world. We are a community whose members celebrate differences and believe fiercely in religious freedom, including the freedom not to be religious. Even as we grieve, we hope and work for a future where all people — atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and so much more — can love and believe as their conscience directs them, and can do so without fear.


Claire E. Sterk