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World Sleep Day 2019: Emory sleep expert offers 6 tips to a healthy night's rest

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With Daylight Saving Time kicking off this week and Spring just around the corner, warmer weather and longer days in the sun mean just one thing to many people: less sleep. On March 15, people around the world will recognize World Sleep Day and talk about the many important issues related to getting a good night’s rest.

Nancy Collop, MD, director of the Emory Sleep Center, weighs in on this important health conversation, offering the following 6 tips on how to improve your sleep habits.

  • Develop a relaxing bedtime routine and try to keep a consistent schedule, arising and going to bed around the same time. 
  • Avoid electronics, including computers and smart phones, at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Don't watch TV in your bedroom before bedtime.
  • A warm shower or bath before bed should be at least a half hour before trying to sleep.
  • Do exercise, but make sure it is at least an hour or longer before you plan to go to sleep.
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol before bedtime.

The Emory Sleep Center provides state-of-the-art care for all types of sleep disorders, with the goal of providing expert service in a relaxed environment with comprehensive diagnostics and therapeutics. The skilled interdisciplinary team includes board-certified sleep specialists and nurse practitioners, all with specialized training and education in sleep medicine. Physicians include world-renowned specialists and researchers who are leaders in the field of sleep medicine. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 404-712-7533.

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