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Emory University responds to recent executive order

At Emory University, we value, promote and encourage the free expression of ideas. Each day we strive to create a learning environment that supports and respects independent thought, inquiry, speech, and assembly. Our free speech beliefs are affirmed in Emory’s open expression policy, Respect for Open Expression Policy.  We will review today’s Executive Order, as we believe that robust discussions about important issues, including discourse about freedom of expression, are essential to our nation’s future.    

We will continue our work to make an Emory education affordable, accessible and achievable for all talented students, regardless of their ability to pay. Economic diversity remains a top priority at Emory, with more than 20 percent of undergraduate students receiving Pell Grants, which are federal grants to low- and moderate-income students. Emory offers programs focused on low- to middle-income families, such as the Emory Advantage, which limits the amount of loans a family must take on if they make $100,000 or less, annually. Last year, Emory contributed $297 million in grants and scholarships to our students. 

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