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Emory partnering with GPB on brain health television series premiering Monday

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Jennifer Johnson McEwen
Director, Emory Brain Health Center

Your Fantastic Mind premieres Monday, Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. and will air weekly on GPB’s statewide television network.

Emory University and the Emory Brain Health Center are partnering with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) on a new television series, Your Fantastic Mind, that features compelling stories on brain-related health and wellness.

Your Fantastic Mind premieres Monday, Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. and will air weekly on GPB’s statewide television network. The news magazine-style show highlights patient stories and reports on cutting-edge science and clinical advances in the areas of neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, sleep medicine and rehabilitation medicine.

Jaye Watson is the show’s executive producer, writer and host. She is an Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning veteran Atlanta journalist and video producer for the Emory Brain Health Center.

“The Emory community is proud to partner with Georgia Public Broadcasting to bring the latest discoveries about brain health to viewers in Georgia and beyond,” says Emory University President Claire E. Sterk. “‘Your Fantastic Mind’ represents the best kind of educational opportunity, bringing together medicine, research, and storytelling to explore brain health across the life span, including its public health ramifications.”

Each of the series’ 12 episodes highlights the gripping cases of patients and life-changing science that are showing us how we can prevent disease and harness the power of our brains to live longer, more fulfilling lives. Stories will feature patients from across the state and region treated at Emory and other sites, including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Grady Memorial Hospital, Shepherd Center and the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center.   

From a former NFL player who reveals for the first time publicly how he’s suffered as the result of multiple concussions to a young mother who undergoes surgery to destroy parts of her brain causing epileptic seizures and a political radio reporter who lost his voice due to a rare neurological movement disorder, Your Fantastic Mind gives viewers an in-depth look at the process of finding medical answers and breakthrough treatment.

 “GPB is honored to partner with Emory University and the Emory Brain Health Center for Your Fantastic Mind,” says GPB President and CEO Teya Ryan. “We are extremely fortunate to have access to the scientific knowledge and advances presented through the compelling stories of the series participants. We’re also grateful to the Southern Company Charitable Foundation for their assistance in funding the program and allowing us to share this valuable information through public media.”

The Your Fantastic Mind series also examines topics including video gaming disorder, which has just been named as a real mental health disorder by the World Health Organization, sleep apnea, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, PTSD, Huntington’s disease and migraines, among others.

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About Brain Health at Emory University

As one of the nation’s premier research universities, Emory University is a leader in education, discovery and patient care related to the neurosciences. Faculty scholars, scientists, physicians and clinicians throughout the university collaborate on advancing knowledge associated with the brain and brain health. The Emory Brain Health Center combines neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, rehabilitation medicine and sleep medicine in a unique, integrated approach. Emory researchers are predicting, preventing, treating and curing diseases and disorders of the brain and addressing the growing global crisis associated with some of the most common ones. In addition, Emory’s neuroethics program explores the evolving ethical, legal and social impact of the neurosciences. Emory’s multidisciplinary approach is transforming the world’s understanding of the vast frontiers of the brain, harnessing imagination and discovery to address 21st-century challenges.

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