Students wearing various Oxford Olympics t-shirts jump synchronously in the quad
Three students smile, enjoying the Oxford Olympics
About a dozen students pose for a photo at the Oxford Olympics
Two students run through the quad carrying a sign for the team
Four students smile and hold high a banner
Students wearing maroon t-shirts wrap their arms around each other in a huddle
Students wearing pink t-shirts follow behind a teammate carrying a sign
Students wearing orange t-shirts cheer and raise their arms in the air
A large crowd of students gather with their teams on the quad
Students wearing pink t-shirts smile and pose
Students in tie-dye t-shirts sit on the grass and smile
A student wearing an Emory gold t-shirt carries a banner while riding on the shoulders of another classmate
Students take a selfie together
A student performs a task on the Oxford tennis court
A student wearing face paint smiles


Photos: First-year students compete in Oxford Olympics

Sept. 6, 2018

The Oxford Olympics, held this year on Aug. 27, is a highlight of New Student Orientation at Oxford College and an evening of zany fun before the seriousness of class registration the following day. Divided into teams led by about 30 sophomore leaders, the first-year students compete for glory in such competitions as tricycle racing, trivia contests, and corn-hole.