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Emory University Hospital Midtown pilots new wayfinding system

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Janet Christenbury

Three Gozio Health wayfinding kiosks have been installed in Emory University Hospital Midtown to better help patients and visitors navigate through the hospital.

Emory University Hospital Midtown is piloting a new digital wayfinding system to better assist patients and visitors in navigating through the hospital. Three Gozio Health wayfinding kiosks have been installed in the hospital and are ready for use.
When arriving at the main entrances of the hospital or through the emergency department, patients and guests can visit the kiosks for directions throughout the facility. Once they determine where they need to go and how to get there, they can then text the directions to their smart phone.
The kiosks also display images of various departments, hospital floors and centers within the hospital so patients and visitors will know what the areas look like when they arrive.
“With the Gozio wayfinding system, we hope to improve the patient and guest experience by helping our patients, families, and guests find their way to any destination on our campus,” says Min Lee, vice president of operations, Emory University Hospital Midtown. “With a large and sprawling facility like Emory University Hospital Midtown, we recognize that navigating through the hospital can add to the anxiety of the visit. We hope step-by-step directions sent to a patient’s or guest’s smart phone will mean there’s one less thing to worry about while on our campus.”
Based on the results of testing the new technology, a wayfinding app by Gozio Health is also being considered.
To go along with the new wayfinding system, the hospital recently updated all of its signage throughout the facility to aid in navigation.

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