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Healthy Emory Connect links Emory employees together

Leslie Sims and her colleagues on Emory University Hospital’s Radiology team walk a lot and use the Healthy Emory Connect app to monitor their progress and motivate each other to keep improving their health.

Emory employees have a way for their health and well-being to be mobile, connected, personalized and at their fingertips: Healthy Emory Connect.

In January, Emory launched Healthy Emory Connect, an online application accessible via desktop and through a mobile app that is downloadable for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

“Over 10,000 employees now enjoy the flexibility and ease-of-use of this app,” says Michael Staufacker, director of health management. “Healthy Emory Connect brings together the key elements for health and well-being into a one-stop shop.”

This technology allows employees to stay updated on upcoming classes, programs and events at or near their worksite. Because everyone’s health needs, interests and priorities are different, users can personalize the experience to set individual health goals across a variety of focus areas, such as sleep, activity, nutrition, stress management or emotional health.

The personalized nature of the app also means that employees can bring their own device, such as a Garmin, Fitbit or Apple Watch, to step challenges like this spring’s Move More Challenge. 

Success stories

Marilea Grider with Emory University Hospital’s Pathology & Emergency Medicine uses this new tool for stress reduction and resilience. She notes that Healthy Emory Connect’s daily “cards” on stress management and the My Fitness Pal app help her count calories and have had a positive impact on recent stressful times in her life.

“These resources have helped me feel healthier and be more mindful of my food choices,” Grider says. Her words of encouragement to others include: “Use all the tools available to you on Healthy Emory Connect; even small changes add up to important improvements in our health and well-being.”

For Molly Dunham-Friel at the Emory Vaccine Center at Yerkes, Emory’s medical plan incentives — earned through accumulating points on Healthy Emory Connect — coincide with her personal commitment to health, such as taking regular walking breaks either indoors or outdoors during the day. This has helped reduce her hip pain and has helped her feel happier, healthier and more balanced.

Her words of wisdom: “If you are new to physical activity, getting out and doing it is what matters. It is about progress not perfection. Get support — find family, friends, co-workers, neighbors who can be your ‘tribe’ and help you for the long term.”

Leslie Sims with Emory University Hospital’s Radiology team had a goal to maintain her physical activity after the work day ended. Sims and her colleagues in Radiology walk a lot every day. They have downloaded the Healthy Emory Connect app and check on each other throughout the day.

Sims notes that this is motivating for her and her team members, and they have already seen the health benefits: more energy, better sleep and better fitting clothes. She loved this year’s Move More Challenge and is looking forward to the return of the Refresh from Stress program this fall.

Michelle Hiskey with the Office of Development & Alumni Relations enjoyed this spring’s Move More Challenge on Healthy Emory Connect and achieved her step goals. She says that working in an office makes it difficult to incorporate movement and physical activity during the work day. She and her Emory colleagues established their own team, “The Walking Devcom,” as part of the challenge, which made the challenge more fun for her and her colleagues. Hiskey also noticed the health benefits like feeling better and enjoying walks more in the company of others.

“Emory has made a significant investment in Healthy Emory Connect to support our employees’ health and well-being,” says Staufacker. “We are excited to hear so many employees’ stories about the benefits of this great new resource.”

Learn more about Healthy Emory Connect.

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