Students carry umbrellas, shielding them from the fluffy flakes falling during the winter snow day.
One student carries her lunch and another smiles as their walk across campus includes snowfall.
A student excitedly starts rolling snow into a large ball.
Four students are all smiles as they throw snowballs at each other.
A student kneels on the ground and grins as she starts to roll snow into a ball.
Four students use sticks and leaves to decorate a snowperson.
Three students gather together and smile as the snow falls on campus.
Half a dozen students walk through campus, some stopping to make snowballs.
Two female students try to catch snowflakes on their tongues.
Five female students pose with a snowperson.
Two students pose for the camera while snow falls all around them.
Four students pose for the camera as snow falls around them.
The iconic Emory gate is adorned with a few inches of snow Friday evening.
A tall Christmas tree in front of Emory University Hospital is surrounded by a few inches of snow.
The campus Dooley statue has a few inches of snow on her.
An intricately sculpted snowperson stands tall on Friday evening after a few inches of snow have fallen on campus.
Several snowpeople still stand Saturday morning, after Friday's snowfall.
The iconic Emory gate is still adorned with a few inches of snow Saturday morning.
The iconic Emory gate is still adorned with a few inches of snow Saturday morning.
The skeletal-looking tree branches surrounding the lake at Emory's Lullwater Preserve are all white with snow on Saturday morning.
The Lullwater Preserve looks like a winter wonderland on Saturday morning after Friday's snow.
The Lullwater Home is adorned with a few inches of snow on Saturday morning.
A view from a campus rooftop reveals a winter wonderland created by Friday's snowfall.
Campus Services staff work to remove snow from roads and walkways.
The Emory Police Department patrols the roads around campus.


Photos: Emory in the snow

Dec. 11, 2017

The Emory campus was blanketed in white Friday when a rare early December snowstorm provided a delightful, unexpected study break for students preparing for final exams.

The university officially closed at 1:30 p.m. Friday, causing afternoon exams to be rescheduled, although residence halls, dining facilities and athletic centers remained open and available to students.

Emory’s Division of Campus Services was in the midst of its annual employee Christmas Party Friday afternoon when the university closed early. Facilities Management employees rallied to stay throughout Friday afternoon and work through the night to ensure roads and sidewalks remained open for safe travel. Grounds and roads crews applied about 8,000 pounds of de-icer to campus streets and hospital emergency vehicle ramps. Zone mechanics inspected buildings for frozen pipes and roped off sidewalks in danger of falling ice.

At the Emory Police Department, a team of officers and dispatchers spent the night at the Emory Conference Center in preparation for staffing and shift relief. Logistics work included tracking weather developments, anticipating public safety needs and identifying how to support Facilities Management and redirect traffic around areas vulnerable to ice and accidents on the Atlanta, Oxford College and Midtown campuses.

At Emory Transportation and Parking Services, shuttle drivers reported to work early and several routes were launched early so students and employees could leave when the university closed. Other routes continued as normal, with shuttle service to Michael Street, Peavine and the Clairmont Campus running until midnight. Parking vendors also applied de-icer to keep pathways in parking decks and shuttle stops clear.

Collectively, the efforts helped the campus reopen again by noon Saturday and allow students to resume taking finals on Sunday.