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Emory honorary degree nominations sought by Oct. 20

Nominations for honorary degree recipients for Commencement 2019 and beyond should be submitted by Oct. 20, 2017.

All students, staff, faculty, alumni and trustees are invited by the Honorary Degrees Committee to make nominations. The committee is led by Allison Dykes, vice president and secretary of the University, and Joseph Crespino, Honorary Degrees Committee chair and Jimmy Carter Professor of History.

Nominees should be those whose work is consistent with Emory’s values and who have achieved the highest distinction in a field of learning, the arts, the professions, or public service, especially those achievements that contribute to the life of the mind and human spirit.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, those who have spent the majority of their careers at Emory or those currently serving in U.S. elective office are not considered. However, those otherwise associated with Emory such as alumni, distinguished visiting faculty, and others are eligible.

The committee encourages the nomination of individuals from diverse demographic backgrounds.

Suggested themes to consider when making a nomination include “exploring the human spirit,” “improving the human condition,” “engaging society,” “fostering sustainability,” “new frontiers in science and medicine,” “transformational art” and “creative philanthropy."

All honorary degree nomination letters should address the following:

  • Describe the nominee's achievements and why they would merit this honor.
  • Why is it particularly fitting for Emory University to honor this nominee?
  • Would an honorary degree from Emory University have any special significance for this nominee?
  • Would the award have any special significance or meaning for graduating students?

For more information on nomination criteria and guidelines, go to the Office of the Secretary.

Submit nominations online, email a nomination letter and supporting documents, or mail nomination letter and supporting documents to Honorary Degree Nominations, Emory University, Office of the Secretary, Mail Stop #1000/001/1AN, Atlanta, GA 30322.

Nominations are kept active and considered each year for a period of five years. To review past honorary degree recipients and related information, visit Honorary Degrees webpage.

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