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Video tour offers glimpse of new Campus Life Center design

Before Emory’s new Campus Life Center begins to physically take shape, viewers can get a sneak peek at what the completed structure will look like by taking a soaring digital tour.

A dedicated Campus Life Center website now features a video that gives viewers a drone’s-eye-view through an artist’s rendering of the new center, which is set to open Summer 2019.

This summer, demolition began on Emory’s Dobbs University Center (DUC) to make way for the new CLC.

When completed, the new three-story building will be approximately 132,000 gross square feet — a gain of about 61,000 gross square feet for Campus Life programming. The facility will feature a new campus restaurant and large multipurpose ballroom, along with conference rooms, offices and student lounges and recreational spaces.

In recent weeks, the focus has been upon the removal of the DUC, which is situated across from the Woodruff Physical Education Center on Pierce Drive, exposing the original exterior of the Alumni Memorial University Center, which was built in 1950 to honor campus community members lost at war.

Once the two buildings are separated, a new open-air terraced courtyard will be created between them — an inviting space featuring trees, grass and casual outdoor seating.

The digital tour offers views of the new Campus Life Center, both inside and out. Exterior shots demonstrate how the facility will look when approached multiple directions.

The video glides viewers upward along a wide, sweeping staircase that will separate the CLC’s two new buildings — which are joined by a roofline — and across the new outdoor courtyard. Inside, viewers can explore open common spaces and cross a glassed-in walkway that connects the two buildings to gaze out upon the Woodruff PE Center.

The new CLC website also provides a handy reference for weekly news updates about demolition and construction plans. A recent post, for example, provides a demolition time-lapse video that collapses a week’s worth of work into about a minute.

Readers can also find background information about the new CLC, links to news coverage, and a fun Frequently Asked Questions page, that addresses general questions about the CLC and the DUC-ling, Emory’s interim dining facility.

It also offers subscription information for those who are interested in receiving email updates on the CLC, which highlight key projects in progress, temporary service locations and addresses a question of the week.

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