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Students challenged to live on refugee rations

Refugee Revive, a student organization that helps refugees with employment and education, is challenging Emory students to eat like refugees for two days.

The Refugee Revive Rations Challenge costs $10 per person to participate and runs from Monday, April 17, through Friday, April 21.

For two days during this time period, participants commit to eat only the food provided to them by Refugee Revive: rice cakes, canned black beans, crackers, chickpeas, tuna and applesauce. All condiments but salt and pepper are prohibited.

The challenge helps highlight the struggles refugees endure when it comes to something as basic as eating, with the proceeds ensuring Refugee Revive is able to continue its programming efforts. 

Participants are also encouraged to work with others to create the best-looking meals using the ingredients and post the results on Facebook with the hashtag #refugeerevive in the caption. The public will vote on the posts, and the winner with the most likes will receive a home-cooked meal courtesy of a refugee family in nearby Clarkston. 

Registration for the event closes April 13. Packages must be picked up by participants either April 15 or April 16 at a location that will be specified in an email following registration.

Register for the Refugee Revive Rations Challenge or email Refugee Revive Emory for more information.

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