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Donate unwanted household items, supplies when moving out of residence halls

Don't Dump It, Donate It! is Emory's annual move-out program, which happens as the academic year comes to a close. The program is hosted by the Residence Hall Association.

Students are encouraged to give away rather than throw away their unwanted items and to share information on the program with those who may assist them with moving out of the residence halls.

Trucks will arrive starting April 30 through May 7 at the Dobbs University Center loading dock, Woodruff Residential Center and the Complex for big items, like furniture and larger household items. From April 30 to May 13, trucks will be behind the sorority houses and at Clairmont campus. 

Rolling bins are placed inside or just outside of each residence hall for all small items, like clothes, books, small household appliances and school supplies. Placement of these bins began April 21 and they will be available through May 13.

No food or other waste materials should go into these bins. They are for donation only and need to be kept clean in order for the items to be reused and kept out of a landfill.

“Last year, we diverted 231,000 pounds of donated items and with your help, we hope to donate even more this year,” says Taylor Spicer, program coordinator for the Office of Sustainability Initiatives.

Proceeds raised through the Move Out Program will be donated to Re:Loom, an organization that employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving products out of recycled materials.

Students can check out the program's Facebook page for:

  • information and updates about donating items, including recycling room and trash chute closures
  • dumpster locations and availability
  • traffic flow information for each day
  • information for students with parking spots
  • general information helpful for move-out

“Think before you throw anything out because your donations will make a huge impact,” Spicer says. “Consider starting your move out process now to ensure that items and materials do not end up in a landfill.”

For Styrofoam and other items that cannot be recycled, the locations and dates of availability for dumpsters are:

  • Complex: April 29-May 10
  • Raoul Hall: April 29-May 5
  • Eagle Row: April 30-May 12
  • Woodruff Residential: April 29-May 5
  • Clairmont Tower: April 29-mid May
  • Dobbs Hall: already on site
  • Alabama: April 29-mid May
  • DUC loading dock: April 29-mid May

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