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Emory responds to concerns over federal travel restrictions

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Emory University President Claire E. Sterk sent this message via email to the Emory community on Jan. 29.


Dear Members of the Emory Community,

Many people have expressed understandable concern about the recent executive order regarding new federal travel restrictions. We are a global research university, the strengths of which, in large part, are derived from the intellectual and social synergy that emerges from wide-ranging perspectives. Serving humanity is at the heart of our mission.

I wholeheartedly share the concerns and insecurity expressed by many of you. While I believe in the need for immigration laws and a strong visa process for national security, I am concerned about the impact that this executive order may have on our faculty, students and staff.

At Emory, we will monitor the situation closely, while also partnering with the Association of American Universities (AAU) and other organizations. Emory University is committed to protecting the rights of all our faculty, staff and students irrespective of their country of origin.

Staff from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) reached out to our international students and faculty, offering resources and advice. The letter can be found on the ISSS website, where you also will be able to find updates. Support services will be modified as we learn more.

During this time of largely uncharted waters, it is important that we remain committed to our values of inclusion, compassion and integrity. We must rely on our community strengths as we identify optimal paths forward, paths filled with care and resourcefulness for the people who are impacted, directly or indirectly.

Claire E. Sterk

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