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Emory Research Advocacy Network

In an effort to engage more of the Emory community in our legislative advocacy, the Office of Government and Community Affairs has created the Emory Research Advocacy Network (ERAN). This network of students, alumni, and faculty strives to advocate for a facet of the University that cuts across all schools and disciplines: research. Research is at the core of Emory’s work and is vital to maintaining a vibrant university community.

In particular, ERAN focuses on three aspects of the research enterprise in its advocacy. First, Emory and ERAN support the maintenance and enhancement of research funding. Second, the peer review process is an essential arbiter of scientific quality and maintaining its integrity is critical to the research enterprise. Finally, any reallocation of compliance costs, by reducing regulatory burden, should be invested back into research. 

ERAN welcomes Emory community members interested in advocating for research to join us. The more voices and stories representing Emory that are heard, the greater chance we have at maintaining, and growing, the research enterprise that benefits our patients, scholars, and scientists. Please be our partner!

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