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Submissions sought for Study Abroad Photo Contest

If you studied abroad between Fall 2014 and Fall 2015, you are invited to submit up to three photos for the Study Abroad Photo Contest. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, Feb. 25.

All photos must have been taken by or include the student submitting them. They should not use filters.

Emory's Center for International Programs Abroad seeks submissions in four categories:

Academic Insight: How did the city become your classroom? Use your photo caption for this category to describe how the lessons you learned in class overflowed into the streets of the city in which you studied abroad.

Personal Growth: Photos in this category should capture an aspect of your individual growth while studying abroad. How does your photo shed light on how you grew personally in a different culture?

Perspective Shift: The perspective shift category is for photos that expose how your experience studying abroad changed the way that you see the world. What did you encounter that challenged the way that you think?

• Global Issues: Did a worldwide headline come to life as you studied abroad? This category is for firsthand insights of issues that too often can seem “a world away.”

Cultural Comparison: In what ways did your experience studying abroad make you feel foreign? What parts of your experience were oddly familiar to your own culture? Use this category to explore the contrast or similarity between the culture with which you identify and the culture in which you studied abroad.

For more details, to submit your photos, and to view past winners, visit here.

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