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Photographs of Ireland, inspired by poems and people, featured at Carlos Museum

"The Waters and the Wild' Alen MacWeeney Photographs of Ireland" opens Saturday, Aug. 22, at the Michael C. Carlos Museum. The exhibition will run through Sunday, Jan. 3.

MacWeeney is an Irish-born photographer who began his career as an assistant to renowned photographer Richard Avedon.

Some of the works featured will be from a series of photographs whose meaning was inspired by the poetry of fellow countryman and Nobel laureate William Butler Yeats. MacWeeney selected lines from the beginning and middle of “Easter, 1916,” about the uprising of Irish nationalists against British rule, using Yeats’ words to create meaning for a portfolio of his photographs.

Also in the exhibition are 10 photographs MacWeeney took of the Travellers, a nomadic group indigenous to Ireland and another native source of inspiration for him.

This exhibition features a number of objects from the Yeats Collection held in Emory’s Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library, including an early printing of “Easter, 1916,” and letters between Yeats and his unrequited love, the Irish nationalist Maud Gonne.

For more information, visit the Carlos Museum site.

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